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Git-Hooks_examples/pre-push git-branch hugo

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# Some code from https://codeberg.org/adam/website/src/branch/main/deploy.sh
current_branch=$(git symbolic-ref HEAD | sed -e 's,.*/\(.*\),\1,')
remote_origin_url=$(git config --get remote.origin.url) # get remote origin url, e.g. https://codeberg.org/user/repo.git
if [ "$current_branch" = "master" ] || [ "$1" = "force" ]; then
# delete previous site built, if it exists
if [ -d "${build_directory}" ]; then
rm -rf "${build_directory}" || exit 1
# generate hugo static site to `build` directory
hugo --destination "${build_directory}" || exit 1
# initialize a git repo in build_directory and checkout to build_branch
git -C "${build_directory}" init || echo "can't git init"
git -C "${build_directory}" checkout -b "${build_branch}" || echo "can't git checkout"
# add your domain
echo "${domain}" > "${build_directory}"/.domains
# stage all files
git -C "${build_directory}" add . || echo "can't git add"
# commit static site files and force push to build_branch of the origin
git -C "${build_directory}" commit -m "build: update static site" || echo "can't git commit"
git -C "${build_directory}" remote add origin "${remote_origin_url}" || echo "can't add origin"
git -C "${build_directory}" push --force origin "${build_branch}" || echo "can't git push"
exit 0