Displays sensor data from the Luftdaten.info project.
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Version 0.51
- the routine that generates the sensor list was completely rewritten. This
should fix crashes during list generation on some devices
- minor bug fixes and stability improvements
Version 0.60
- local sensor/widget setup: the closest temperature sensor is now determined
automatically based on the 1st sensor number, also new setting to enable/disable
this feature
- when entering the local sensor setup, the keyboard does not pop up immediately
any more
- added support for the following sensor types:
- SDS021 (fine particulate matter)
- HPM (fine particulate matter)
- DHT11 (temperature & humidity)
- HTU21D (temperature & humidity)
- tapping on sensor data (mobile & local) within the main app opens a screen with detailed
information about the selected sensor, the sensor then can be set as a local sensor
- text color of the reference text in the large widget now corresponds to the widget theme
- fixed mobile display sometimes showing a wrong sensor number
- setting to force larger circles & labels in the mobile view
Version 0.61
- fixed widget crash when less than 6 close sensors were available
- fixed lazy widget not displaying anything after device start
- fixed location update happening too frequently
- improved overall location handling
- added a hint if location service is turned off
- added a hint when the device tries to determine the location
- the widget graphics now scale better depending on the widget size
- the widget graphics now look better when in landscape mode (if device supports this)
- fixed line-breaks in widgets, instead the font size is scaled down if necessary
- removed some unnecessary widget update cycles
- fixed app/widget crash when user withdraws the location permission
- fixed widget crash when the local sensor list has been deleted manually
- the particulate chart now scales batter when displaying really high values (a preparation
for the fireworks at New Year's Eve)
Version 0.62
- added a feature to save data as local images and to share the images
Version 0.63
- added a progress bar when new data is being loaded
- added an option in the settings to look for new sensors
- fixed a bug reporting unsuccessful sharing just after granting permissions to access storage
Version 0.64
- fixed a bug in the update of the sensors list preventing new sensors from being added to the local list
Version 0.65
- changed the location update logic of the mobile widget from LocationListener to PendingIntent
- the app now reacts correctly when the location service gets disabled
- added "save battery" option for the close sensors widget (enabled by default), this fixes high battery drains.
- fixed mobile widget reading data from the API incorrectly
- fixed database leaks by introducing a content provider
- added partial support for the BME280 sensor (temperature & humidity only)
- removed the legacy json parser
- updates in the main app are limited to the visible view
- location default preferences modified in favour of higher values regarding distance & time
- multiple minor improvements
Version 0.66
- multiple bug fixes and stability improvements:
- fixed close sensors widget showing "no location" although a last known location could be obtained
- fixed widget crash when sensor locations were invalidated manually, but not yet reloaded
- fixed widget crash upon withdrawal of the location permission
- fixed sensor list sometimes not being written correctly
- fixed content provider not deleting old data properly prior to reloading the sensor locations from scratch
- fixed close sensors widget key color not adapting to the theme (some text was always white)
- fixed permission rationale being shown to the user too often
- location services to use are now configurable in detail