Social Coders

This is an open developer community based on the principles of Social Coding.

Anyone who contributes to or wants to start a project here shall become a member.

We want to support each other and keep all of our projects maintained.

Decision API for making decisions by voting using many voting methods.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Project for a Workshop to build a picture server in python with flask and peewee.

Updated 4 weeks ago

App Server of the DevCoop App.

Updated 1 month ago

Documents for a workshop about using REST and GraphQL APIs in Python

Updated 3 months ago

Website for Developers

Updated 3 months ago

Tool to turn the activity on a source forge (Codeberg first) into a report for resumes, websites, boasting and whatever you might want a report of your development experience on this platform for. Other source forges coming later if requested.

Updated 3 months ago

A tool to make it simpler to maintain a website against the increasing entropy on the web. This tool should contain features to: - monitor external links on a website - website activity - website performance - static website backups

Updated 4 months ago