Discord implementation of the game "Alone Among the Stars"
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Along Among The Stars: Discord bot

Find the original game here

This is a Python Discord bot.

Use the bot

I don't publish a simple link yet because it's not stable enough, but you can use the bot on this server


  • Solo playing of "Alone Among the Stars"
  • Ability to burn the ship log
  • Ability to log new entries
  • Ability to generate a new planet
  • Ability to backup the data
  • Ability to read the full log of a user
  • Ability to use the bot in private messages
  • Designed for self-hosting easily
  • Minimal code, very simple to understand, even for beginners

Install dependencies

  1. Install python3 and pip3 (debian-based only)
sudo apt install python3-pip python3
  1. Install discord.py library
pip3 install discord.py

How to get the Discord token

  1. Create an application on Discord dev portal here
  2. Select Bot on the left menu and create one.
  3. Select OAuth on the left menu, check Bot, then check Administrator, then copy and open the link in your browser to add the bot to a server.
  4. Go back on the Bot tab and copy the token on the top of the page.


  1. Enter root mode
sudo su
  1. CLone the repository in /opt
cd /opt
git clone https://codeberg.org/SnowCode/amongstars-discord
cd amongstars-discord
  1. Create a file called token.txt and paste your Discord token inside
nano token.txt
  1. Run the script to test if it works properly. The bot should be up. If no errors are shown, press CTRL+C to kill it.
python3 bot.py
  1. Create a systemd service, start it and enable it
cp amongstars.service /etc/systemd/system/
systemctl start amongstars
systemctl enable amongstars
systemctl status amongstars


Command Meaning
>land Find a new planet and land on it
>discover Discover a new element of the planet
>log <your entry> Add the description of the element and your feelings into the log
>burn Burn your log
>read Read your log