Repository of all my currently maintained AUR packages. Managed using aurpublish.
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Sefa Eyeoglu 59710ac153
upgpkg: parcel-bundler 2.8.1-1
6 hours ago
babelfish-fish upgpkg: babelfish-fish 1.1.0-2 9 months ago
espanso upgpkg: espanso 2.1.8-1 1 month ago
espanso-bin upgpkg: espanso-bin 2.1.8-1 1 month ago
espanso-git upgpkg: espanso-git 2.1.5.beta.r17.g930bf80-2 5 months ago
espanso-wayland upgpkg: espanso-wayland 2.1.8-1 1 month ago
espanso-wayland-git upgpkg: espanso-wayland-git 2.1.5.beta.r17.g930bf80-2 5 months ago
fisher-git upgpkg: fisher-git 4.3.0.r0.g247b58e0d97c785e-1 2 years ago
gamescope-git upgpkg: gamescope-git 3.11.48.r11.g2791466-2 3 weeks ago
ktelephone-git Add 'ktelephone-git/' from commit '65df560227d8af5aeff3201ef221304305f798ba' 3 years ago
libaudec upgpkg: libaudec 0.3.4-1 11 months ago
libliftoff-git upgpkg: libliftoff-git 0.1.0.r31.g2e1dd93-1 11 months ago
lsp-dsp-lib upgpkg: lsp-dsp-lib 1.0.7-1 3 days ago
noisetorch upgpkg: noisetorch 0.12.2-2 2 months ago
otf-monocraft upgpkg: otf-monocraft 1.4-1 2 months ago
packwiz-git upgpkg: packwiz-git r221.b8d9727-1 6 months ago
parcel-bundler upgpkg: parcel-bundler 2.8.1-1 6 hours ago
prismlauncher upgpkg: prismlauncher 5.2-1 3 weeks ago
prismlauncher-bin upgpkg: prismlauncher-bin 5.2-1 3 weeks ago
prismlauncher-git upgpkg: prismlauncher-git 5.0.r140.g04b39294-1 1 month ago
prismlauncher-qt5 upgpkg: prismlauncher-qt5 5.2-1 3 weeks ago
prismlauncher-qt5-bin upgpkg: prismlauncher-qt5-bin 5.2-1 3 weeks ago
prismlauncher-qt5-git upgpkg: prismlauncher-qt5-git 5.0.r71.g7f441f5b-1 1 month ago
python-pyqis upgpkg: python-pyqis 0.0.3-2 2 years ago
quadlet upgpkg: quadlet 0.2.4-1 9 months ago
quadlet-git Add 'quadlet-git/' from commit 'd11f17f9f1959896728e735b5c0931ca159457d3' 1 year ago
screenshot-bash upgpkg: screenshot-bash 4.1.0-2 4 weeks ago
sonobus upgpkg: sonobus 1.5.1-2 6 months ago
sorenon-openxr-layer-git upgpkg: sorenon-openxr-layer-git r15.472aa9f-1 9 months ago
steamgrid upgpkg: steamgrid 3.4.0-1 3 months ago
sway-systemd upgpkg: sway-systemd 0.2.2-1 9 months ago
sway-systemd-git upgpkg: sway-systemd-git 0.2.0.r0.gcd7d0a8-1 1 year ago
systemd-boot-pacman-hook upgpkg: systemd-boot-pacman-hook 3-1 12 months ago
vibrant upgpkg: vibrant 1.0.3-4 11 months ago
vibrant-git upgpkg: vibrant-git 1.0.3.r18.g2100c09-2 11 months ago
vibrantlinux upgpkg: vibrantlinux 2.1.10-1 8 months ago
vibrantlinux-git Add 'vibrantlinux-git/' from commit 'ac4cbfa0dcd1d4352b991848e6e1e70c401a8fa0' 2 months ago
vimv-git upgpkg: vimv-git r47.3bb51a4-1 6 months ago
zrythm upgpkg: zrythm 1.0.0.beta.3.5.1-3 3 days ago
.gitignore upgpkg: prismlauncher-qt5-git 5.0.r18.ga9d4370a-2 2 months ago
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Scrumplex PKGBUILDs

This is a repository of all PKGBUILDs I (co-)maintain. List of all packages on the AUR.

Licensed under GPL3.

    Sefa Eyeoglu's PKGBUILDs
    Copyright (C) 2021 Sefa Eyeoglu <> (

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program.  If not, see <>.