Sefa Eyeoglu Scrumplex

NixOS configuration for

Updated 2 hours ago

Store and serve your funny pictures a.k.a. screenshots.

Updated 2 hours ago

Deployment and configuration of my homelab

Updated 3 hours ago

Configuration of my daily drivers

Updated 1 day ago

Personal website

Updated 2 days ago

Opinionated proxy for querying skins for DDraceNetwork

Updated 3 days ago

A very mediocre implementation of the QOI image format written in C.

Updated 1 month ago

API client for API

Updated 2 months ago

ListenBrainz submission client for MPD written in Rust.

Updated 3 months ago

Repository of all my currently maintained AUR packages. Managed using aurpublish.

Updated 3 months ago

screenshot - upload - copy-url pipeline

Updated 3 months ago

Collection of my ESPHome configurations

Updated 4 months ago

Simple Quilt server modpack with a few optimization mods

Updated 6 months ago

Static content for

Updated 7 months ago

Security issues I have found and disclosed in open source software

Updated 7 months ago