A game about bouncing blaster bolts off walls.
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Building and repo stuff

DONE Containerized release builds (with dependencies)

DONE Update README/Manual document

DONE Clarify credits and licenses

Release channel (itch.io)

DONE Set up itch.io page

DONE Push release (with Butler)

Basic player-specific gameplay mechanics [2/2]

DONE Mouse aiming

DONE Level data and level collisions

Game engine features [10/11]

DONE Sound loading and playback

DONE Font loading

DONE Font display

DONE Gamepad input

DONE Wire up movement

DONE Wire up aiming

DONE Add a delay to "key presses"

DONE Detect if gamepad is not plugged in

DONE Rework input system

DONE Mouse aim is broken, pls fix

DONE Improved raycasting

DONE Animated Sprites

DONE Sprite effects

TODO Optimize inefficient queries in ECS

Some queries use for loops when individual queries would suffice, chop these things down to simple queries

DONE Add an init() function to State trait to run initializations at the start of a State transition

DONE XDG directory support

Actual gameplay features [20/23]

HOLD Tutorial hints/tips system

DONE Show a level image in level selection

DONE Show level completion status and best time on level selection

DONE Laser sight for aiming

DONE Enemies

DONE Lasers bouncing

DONE Projectiles should only be effective after bouncing

DONE Dead robots don't scan anymore

DONE More tile types [4/4]

DONE Splitter?

DONE Passthrough?

DONE Prevent splitter from destroying performance

DONE Void tiles

DONE Main menu

DONE Level Selection Menu

DONE Better SFX [5/5]

DONE Blaster

DONE Death sound

DONE Robot death sound

DONE Ricochet and shatter

DONE Background music?

DONE Better Sprites [3/3]

DONE Player sprites

DONE Projectile sprite

DONE Enemy sprites

DONE Better Tiles

DONE Add a timer to gameplay [4/4]

DONE Update timer value

DONE Render timer

DONE Reset timer when level is loaded

DONE Make the timer look nicer

DONE Make victory/game over pretty

DONE Make Main Menu pretty

HOLD Main Menu mouse support

TODO Options menu

HOLD Allow player to select their controller

DONE SFX Volume level adjustment

DONE Music volume adjustment

HOLD Key rebinding

DONE Make Main Menu more responsive

DONE Create levels

DONE Level unlocking and "saves"

DONE Bug: Enemy can be hit multiple times


Level Editor [11/16]

DONE Level preview

DONE Level tile editing

DONE Enemy and object placement

DONE Enemy path creation

DONE Fix clicks creating too many path nodes

DONE Solve line draw pixel scaling issue

DONE Level saving

DONE Deleting entities

DONE Initialize empty level if no level found

DONE Fix the initial next_path_segment line location

DONE Fix the overflow bug when placing tiles

TODO Implement Undo/Redo

TODO Make buttons feel more responsive

TODO Make GUI more cool and nice

TODO Better start-up experience (folder picker, starting new level)

IDEA Rewrite level editor with GTK/similar