A collection of system hardening and generally-useful scripts for Linux systems. Targets Artix, works on any distro. Some inits require disabling the included boot parameter hardening, otherwise they won't boot (systemd)
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A temporary email right from your terminal written in POSIX sh

tmpmail is a command line utility written in POSIX sh that allows you to create a temporary email address and receive emails to the temporary email address. It uses 1secmail's API to receive emails.

By default w3m is used to render the HTML emails on the terminal. But if you prefer another text based web browser or would rather view the email in a GUI web browser such as Firefox, simply use the --browser argument followed by the command needed to launch the web browser of your choice.


  • w3m
  • curl
  • jq


Install locally

# Download the tmpmail file and make it executable
$ curl -L "https://git.io/tmpmail" > tmpmail && chmod +x tmpmail

# Then move it somewhere in your $PATH. Here is an example:
$ mv tmpmail ~/bin/


tmpmail is available on the AUR, which is currently being maintained by Benjamin Bädorf

$ yay -S tmpmail-git


$ tmpmail --help
tmpmail -h | --version
tmpmail -g [ADDRESS]
tmpmail [-t | -b BROWSER] -r | ID

When called with no option and no argument, tmpmail lists the messages in
the inbox and their numeric IDs.  When called with one argument, tmpmail
shows the email message with specified ID.

-b, --browser BROWSER
        Specify BROWSER (default: w3m) that is used to render the HTML of
        the email
-g, --generate [ADDRESS]
        Generate a new email address, either the specified ADDRESS, or
        randomly create one
-h, --help
        Show help
-r, --recent
        View the most recent email message
-t, --text
        View the email as raw text, where all the HTML tags are removed.
        Without this option, HTML is used.
        Show version


Create random email

$ tmpmail --generate

Create custom email

$ tmpmail --generate mycustomemail@1secmail.com

View the inbox

$ tmpmail
[ Inbox for wdebivbyjor@1secmail.com ]

83414443   username@example.com   Test Email

View the email

$ tmpmail 83414443

View the most recent email

$ tmpmail -r

View emails as pure text

$ tmpmail -t 83414443
To: wdebivbyjor@1secmail.com
From: username@example.com
Subject: Test Email

Hello World

https://is.gd/aBCdEf [apple.jpg]
https://is.gd/AbCDeF [ball.jpg]


This script is heavily inspired by Mitch Weaver's 1secmail script