a jukebox-style music player for Apple platforms that attempts to capture the magic of the iTunes 4.x era https://r-ch.net/caesura/
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Navigating the codebase

Note: This project is still in very early stages and thus the thought process around the organization of the codebase may change over time.


At the top level of this project, you can find the platform directories: mac, ios, and common.

mac and ios contain distinct apps for macOS and iOS/iPadOS respectively. We do not currently make use of Catalyst or SwiftUI to have a common UI layer across both apps, as neither of these technologies are mature enough to put together the experience I want on the Mac. (I currently have a better idea of what I want the Mac version to be, because it's trying to clone an old version of iTunes, so this version is currently given development priority.)

I hope to eventually extract code that can be shared across both platforms into a library under the common directory to facilitate feature parity.

Within a Platform