• Stable 2021.10.20 f590129870


    Sakurina released this 2 days ago | 0 commits to main since this release

    • Bugfix: Fixed a problem where songs from all playlists would be listed in each playlist if the keyword search was used at least once.
    • Version requirement reduced to Big Sur 11.0.
  • Stable 2021.10.14 a79f0bcbca

    2021.10.14 (Mac)

    Sakurina released this 1 week ago | 3 commits to main since this release

    The first official Caesura release for the Mac! It's pretty barebones and limited at the moment, but I wanted to put something out there so people get a sense for how it's coming along.

    The fundamentals are there and mostly working:

    • Songs can be added and removed from the user's library
    • Playlists can be created and deleted
    • Songs can be added to playlists via dragging from the collection pane to the sources pane
    • Songs can also be removed from playlists or reordered within a playlist
    • Playback can be initiated by double clicking on a track row in the collection pane and controlled with the menus and toolbar
    • Clicking on the collection table column headers will sort in ascending order by that field
      • Album is a special case: it sorts by album title, disc number, track number
      • Known issue: Sort mode is not saved per collection and does not persist
      • Known issue: Current sort mode is not currently reflected in the table header UI
    • Library location can be customized in the Preferences window

    This version is currently restricted to macOS versions 11.3 or greater, which I fully admit is overly restrictive. I don't think there's any reason I couldn't lower the version requirement to at least Big Sur (11.0) and potentially even Catalina (10.15), but I realized this far too late to do anything for this release. I will see what I can do for the next release.