Updates BigBlueButton and backs up relevant files beforehand
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Updates BigBlueButton (version independend) and backs up relevant configuration files beforehand.

Related blog article on BBB server updates (German only)


  1. Clone this repository or the file update-bbb.sh using

git clone https://codeberg.org/SWEETGOOD/andersgood-update-bbb-script.git


wget https://codeberg.org/SWEETGOOD/andersgood-update-bbb-script/raw/branch/main/update-bbb.sh

  1. Edit the file using vi, nano or your favorite text editor.

  2. Change the following variables at the beginning of the script:

Variable Description
BBBIP The domain name your BBB will be reachable from the internet
LETSENCRYPTEMAIL If you issued the Let's Encrypt SSL cert while BBB installation put your email address here
BACKUPROOTFOLDER The folder where you want the config file backups to be placed (will automatically be created if it doesn't exist)
BBBINSTALLSCRIPTSTRING If empty the installer uses apt get for updating. If you put the full command line you used for the installation of your server here, it will be used instead.
  1. Save the file.

  2. Make it executable with chmod +x ./update-bbb.sh

  3. Execute it with ./update-bbb.sh


Added bbb-install.sh as alternative update method
Translated script to english
Backup now contains more relevant configurations
Restructured script with comments

Fixed hardcoded backup root folder path

Initial release