Export Traditional/Cel Animation from Krita to OCA, a JSON + PNG format https://rxlaboratory.org/tools/oca-for-krita/
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OCA - Open Cel Animation exporter for Krita

Exports Animation keyframes from Krita to OCA, a JSON + PNG/EXR format.

This format can then be imported in After Effects (using DuIO for example), Blender, Fusionn...

Krita License

What's this?

See the OCA format specifications for more information about the OCA format.

Note that vector layers are not supported by OCA for Krita (yet).


  • OCA >= 1.1.1
    Copy or symlink the ocapy module inside src/OCA

Join the community

Join us if you need any help, if you want to contribute (we're always in need for translations, writing the doc, fixing bugs, making tutorials, developing new features...) or just want to show what you're doing with our tools!

We need your support to release our free tools. You can donate or join the development fund to get an early access to the tools.