Quick Playblast tool for Blender https://rxlaboratory.org/tools/dublast-for-blender/
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DuBlast - Duduf Playblast

Quick Playblast tool for Blender

Blender License

What's this?

DuBlast is an add-on for Blender which makes it quick and easy to create and play animation playblasts, without having to change any render or output setting.

Menu Quick Button

Quick Render Buttons

The Quick Render Buttons add-on here is a simple but handy add-on which includes a button for Playblasts by DuBlast (you'll need to install both addons).

Difference between DuBlast and the native Viewport Render Animation command

DuBlast Viewport Render Animation
Automatically plays the rendered animation Needs the user to manually play the animation [Ctrl] + [F11]
Has its own output settings, so the user can create playblasts without altering the output settings of the scene Shares the output settings with the scene/render settings, which means the user has to alter the output settings even if they're already set for rendering the scene
Has custom output format presets for better animation playback and seek Needs the user to manually set the output to an animator friendly format
Scales down the size of the text for the metadata according to the resolution % Keeps the same size for the text of the metadata, no matter the output resolution, which results in huge texts at lower resolution
Atomatically adjusts the rendered animation dimension to fit the MP4 requirements when set to use MP4 The user has to find a fitting resolution % for the dimensions to have an even number of lines and columns

Join the community

Join us if you need any help, if you want to contribute (we're always in need for translations, writing the doc, fixing bugs, making tutorials, developing new features...) or just want to show what you're doing with our tools!

We need your support to release our free tools. You can donate or join the development fund to get an early access to the tools.