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TinyTiny RSS Docker


This project runs the actual git master code for TinyTinyRSS inside a Debian Buster container with PHP. This container uses the built-in php server to provide the html and php files on port 8080.


The script checks if the database is ready for connections and if the database is already created. This checks are important for the correct startup of the service and to prevent the database to be reseted when the container restarts.


  • Clone this repo or just copy the docker-compose.yml and the .env.example as .env into a folder
  • Set the needed environment values
  • Run docker-compose up -d

Environment / Configuration


TTRSS_SINGLE_USER (Default false): If this is true no authentification is requiered. Login and registration are deactivated.
TTRSS_SIMPLE_UPDATE_MODE (Default false): If this is true ttrss tries to update the news feed when the browser is open and visiting the site. This is not needed because a cron job is active inside the container.
TTRSS_SELF_REGISTRATION (Default false): If this is true visitors can create own accounts TTRSS_MAX_USERS (Default 1): How many users can be registered on this instance. If self registration is false the maximal number is 1, if it is true the number from this envrionment variable is used.


TTRSS_DATABASE_TYPE (Default pgsql): The type of database which is used. Other value mysql
TTRSS_DATABASE_HOST (Default database): The address of the database. Here docker-compose service name.
TTRSS_DATABASE_PORT (Default 5432): Port of the database. For mysql use 3306

POSTGRES_USER (Default user): User for the postgres database
POSTGRES_PASSWORD (Default password): Password for the database user
POSTGRES_DB (Default ttrss): The database name that should be used


TTRSS_SMTP_FROM_NAME (Default Tiny Tiny RSS): The name that is displayed as email sender
TTRSS_SMTP_ADDRESS (Default The address that is displayed as email sender
TTRSS_SMTP_SERVER (Default The smtp address of your email provider
TTRSS_SMTP_USER (Default The user that is used for sending emails TTRSS_SMTP_PASSWORD (Default Password): The password for the smtp user
TTRSS_SMTP_SECURE_METHOD (Default ): Possible values: ssl or tls


TTRSS_URI (Default http://localhost/): The url from which this service is reachable


REFRESH_INTERVAL_MINUTES (Default 15): How many minutes should the feed updates be apart (used in cron job)


  • With version 0.0.66 a new environment variable is introduced for the cron job. This have to be added manual to the .env file for existing installations