A list of free and open source software (FOSS) containing proprietary Google binaries https://reverseeagle.org/
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Projects using Google

This is a list of FOSS projects relying on proprietary Google components.


  • Italicized text represents a subject of lower priority.
  • Bold text represents a subject of high priority.

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager are high priority. When submitting these, highlight them in bold.

Merged / Accepted:

  • [x] [NAME] uses Google *[SERVICE]* [see pull#X]
  • [x] [NAME] uses Google *[SERVICE]* [see issue#X]

Waiting for an answer:

  • [ ] [NAME] uses Google *[SERVICE]** [see pull/issue#X]


  • [ ] ~~[NAME] uses Google *[SERVICE]*~~ [see pull/issue#X]

Merge Request / Issue not submitted:

  • [ ] [NAME] uses Google *[SERVICE]*


Operating Systems (OS)



  1. https://zeptojs.com/ uses Google Analytics [see issue#5]
  2. elevator.js use Google Analytics [see issue#131]



Jekyll themes / Personal Sites

  1. Comment by maskman1999
  2. Hyperbola: containing a list of blocked packages; original post. DISCLAIMER: most are irrelevant and contain nonsensical reasoning. This is only kept due to relevancy of the project.