A list of free and open source software (FOSS) containing proprietary Google binaries. Read-only mirror of https://forge.tedomum.net/ReverseEagle/DeGoogle-FOSS https://reverseeagle.org/
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DeGoogle-FOSS by ReverseEagle

Taking the G out of FOSS.

Contributor Covenant Awesome Humane Tech Follow us on Mastodon Matrix License: CC-BY-SA-4.0

This is a repository for the DeGoogle-FOSS project by the ReverseEagle team.

You will find information about what FOSS projects use proprietary Google components; what Google projects are FOSS; which are proprietary; issues and merge requests we have submitted to FOSS developers (see below).

Have you found a FOSS project that uses proprietary Google software? File an issue, or email one of the ReverseEagle admins!

Google's proprietary components in FOSS

There is a list of FOSS projects that use proprietary Google here!

Google's proprietary software

If you're looking for a list of proprietary and FOSS Google components, refer to this list.

This list may be incomplete. To add something, you can send us a Merge Request.

What we're doing

Us, and our community, have endlessly been submitting merge requests and issues to FOSS maintainers, highlighting the importance of removing Google's proprietary software.

If you want to help out, feel free to submit issues to the repositories of FOSS projects that use Google's software.

See the projects we have already sent an MR / issue to.

If you're a developer, you could even send a merge request, removing Google software from said project.


DeGoogle-FOSS by ReverseEagle is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Code of Conduct

See https://reverseeagle.org/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.

Get in touch!

We're available on quite a few platforms, and we're quite friendly (or so we've been told).