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2.0.1: Medea's ruse
- Bug fix:
-- [Mac]; [rest], [oauth]: Loading libcurl dependencies from correct
locations on build.
2.0.0: Medea
- BREAKING; [oauth], [rest], [json-decode]: Change outlet order to Pd standard order
-- right outlet outputs on error
-- middle outlet outputs data
-- left outlet outputs bang on done
- deken packages include dependencies for all systems, including Linux
- Updated help files and examples
- [Mac]; [rest], [oauth]: OS X now uses system certificate authority information
- [Mac] Support for newer OS X versions
- [Linux] arm64 packages
- Support for multiinstance Pd on compile time added
- Bug fixes:
-- [json-encode]: Can read files again
-- [rest], [oauth]: Fixed crash on closing patch while waiting for data
-- [Windows]; [rest], [oauth]: Cancelling requests on Windows working,
although not as fast as on true POSIX compliant systems
- Internal: Switch to Circle CI for compilation
1.4.3: Y U no stable API
- Bug fix: compilation works with json-c >= 0.13
- Bug fix: remove boilerplate display in Pd console
1.4.2: Argo in Shipyard
- Update of build scripts and documentation
- Usage of CI for build
1.4.1: Orpheus's Lyre
- Bug fix:
-- [json-encode] and [json-decode]: Correctly freeing JSON object
- Removed Google API calls from help
- Switch Makefile to pd-lib-builder
- Remove building of own Debian packages
- [Mac] Add liboauth build as homebrew script
1.4.0: My neighbor TOR
- [rest] and [oauth]: proxy enabled
- updated manual
1.3.0: Trickle down theory
- [json-encode] and [urlparams]: optimisation of logic
- [rest] and [oauth]: HTTP streaming enabled
- Rewrite of manual
- Bug fix:
-- [oauth]: unitialised object does not request data
- Refactoring of source code:
-- moved source to subfolders
-- static analysis of source code
1.2.0: OAuth rly
- [oauth]: PATCH, TRACE and OPTIONS request implemented
1.1.0: Wow! Much request! Such test!
- [rest]: HEAD, PATCH, TRACE and OPTIONS request implemented
- [oauth]: HEAD request implemented
- Bug fixes:
-- [rest] and [oauth]: Mac OS X needs cacert.pem
-- [json-encode]: differentiate between float and integer values
- unit tests for [json-decode], [json-encode], [urlparams]
1.0.0: Pendulum
- Info for users while loading object
- Bug fixes in [json-encode]:
-- array handling
-- number handling
- Refactoring
0.15.0: The API they are a-changing
- Cancellation is now faster
- Switch to json-c 0.11
- Refactoring of code
- Breaking changes:
-- [oauth] and [rest]:
* [write( method is now called [file(
* [url( method is now called [init(
* init errors only output to console
* changes to status outlet:
** on success output bang
** on HTTP error output numerical HTTP status
** on cURL error output list: error code and message
-- [rest-json] has been removed
-- [json-decode]:
* string values will not be checked for numbers or boolean
0.14.0: Davo
- Downloading to file
- Cancelling requests
- Switch to libcurl multi interface
0.13.0: heady stuff
- Setting HTTP headers possible
- Cancelling of requests possible while waiting (experimental)
- Switched Makefile to libary template 1.0.14
- Semantic versioning
0.12.1: I accidentally the whole cookie
- Bugfix: Cookie authentication is working again.
0.12: The multitude came together
- Disabling checking peer for SSL requests in [rest] and [oauth] possible
- [urlparams] does now overwrite previously set parameters
- RSA-SHA1 signature possible, otherwise info message is posted to Pd console
- Bugfixes:
-- SSL requests on Windows possible
-- regression fixed for PUT requests
0.11: long string is long
- symbols can be longer than MAXPDLENGTH (1024 characters)
- [json-decode] works with lists and any other data type as well
- Setting request timeout for [rest] and [oauth] possible
- Bugfixes:
-- [oauth] posts data again
-- Fixed segfault in Windows at errors
- Cleaning up of source code and help files
- no version 0.10 due to problems in Pd (cuts off trailing 0)
0.9: sailing to Colchis
- [json-encode] writes and reads JSON data to and from files
- [oauth] does not use deprecated functions from liboauth 1.0
- [oauth] and [rest] share functions
- [json-encode] and [urlparams] share functions
- Bugfixes:
-- POST sends correct parameter data
-- HTTP errors are displayed with error code
0.8: I did, I did taw a putty tat
- Added objects: [oauth] [urlparams] [rest]
- [rest-json] is now an abstraction
- Bugfixes
- Better examples and help patches
0.7.1: Cookie monster on the couch
- Unlocking [rest-json] when HTTP status is not 200.
- Fix for segfault at json_object_put().
0.7: Cookie monster on the couch
- Cookie authentication, useful for CouchDB login
- [rest-json] has a third outlet
- Refactoring
- Lots of bugfixes
- Locking [rest-json] more restrictively
- Makefile is now ready for packaging
- Debian package is available
- Hopefully fixed threading issues
- Fixed cross-thread access to rest object
- Fixed stack overflow issue of threads
- Refactoring
- Fixed memory leaks
- Added manual
- Added this Changelog
- Renamed library to purest_json
- Outputting nested JSON objects and arrays as strings
- Outputting JSON arrays as a series of objects
- Using threading for HTTP requests
- Using Pd-extended library template
- Basic operations for connection to CouchDB
- Basic JSON encoding and decoding