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#pragma once
#ifndef _MAP_H_
#define _MAP_H_
#include "structs.hpp"
#include <array>
struct MapDoor;
struct MapRoom;
class Map final
explicit Map();
explicit Map(const std::string& name, bool rooms, const Position& position = { -1, -1 });
Map(Map&& other) noexcept;
Map(const Map& other) = delete;
Map& operator=(const Map& other) = delete;
Map& operator=(Map&& other) noexcept = delete;
void LoadMap(std::wifstream& file);
void GenerateMap(const Position& position);
void SaveMap();
void Draw(const Position& playerPos) const;
//int GetId(int x, int y) const;
int CheckTile(int x, int y) const;
int CheckTile(const Position& pos) const;
std::string GetName() const;
bool IsRoomLevel() const;
static constexpr std::array<wchar_t, 6> WALLS_ARRAY = { L'\x2514', L'\x250c', L'\x2510', L'\x2518', L'\x2500', L'\x2502' };
Position m_DownStairsPos;
std::string m_MapName;
std::wstring* m_pTiles;
//std::vector<ItemTile> m_Items;
bool m_IsRooms;
void BresenhamMap(int x1, int y1, const int x2, const int y2);
/* MAP INFO */
//extern struct Map CURRENT_MAP;
#endif // !MAP_H