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#pragma once
#ifndef _ITEMLIST_H_
#define _ITEMLIST_H_
#include <vector>
#include "Item.hpp"
class ItemList
explicit ItemList();
ItemList(ItemList&& other) noexcept = delete;
ItemList(const ItemList& other) = delete;
ItemList& operator=(const ItemList& other) = delete;
ItemList& operator=(ItemList&& other) noexcept = delete;
Item* GetRandomItem();
size_t GetAmountOfItems();
size_t GetAmountOfConsumables();
size_t GetAmountOfWeapons();
size_t GetAmountOfArmors();
/// ITEM i_ ///
static Item i_Test;
static Item i_MacGuffin;
static Item i_Ring;
/// CONSUMABLE c_ ///
static Consumable c_Pizza;
static Consumable c_Pasta;
static Consumable c_HealthPotion;
static Consumable c_Bad;
/// WEAPON w_ ///
static Weapon w_Goedendag;
static Weapon w_Sword;
static Weapon w_Mace;
static Weapon w_Spear;
/// ARMOR a_ ///
static Armor a_WinterCoat; // tundras are cold
static Armor a_CowboyHat;
static Armor a_BucketHat;
/// ARRAYS ///
// will have to change this when loading items from files is implemented
std::vector<Item*> m_Items;
std::vector<Consumable*> m_Consumables;
std::vector<Weapon*> m_Weapons;
std::vector<Armor*> m_Armors;
#endif // !_ITEMLIST_H_