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#pragma once
#ifndef _GAME_H_
#define _GAME_H_
#include <vector>
#include "Player.hpp"
class Entity;
class NPC;
class Room;
class Map;
class Game final
explicit Game(/*const char* title, bool stuff*/);
Game(const Game& other) = delete;
Game(Game&& other) noexcept = delete;
Game& operator=(const Game& other) = delete;
Game& operator=(Game&& other) noexcept = delete;
void Run();
void Init();
void ShutDown();
void Load();
void Save();
int GetKey(bool wait = true) const;
void Update();
void Draw() const;
void UpdateRealTime(float elapsedTime);
void DrawRealTime() const;
void HandleInput(int key);
void ChangeLevel(bool down);
void SetupPlayer();
std::string AskString(bool isName = false) const; // should be moved to utils
SPECIES AskSpecies(bool forPlayer = true);
/// Menu things ///
void DrawMenu() const;
std::string GenerateWelcome(int friendId);
/// Creating things ///
//void CreateRooms(int amount);
void CreateNPCs(int amount);
void CreateItems(int amount);
void Cheat(const std::string& cheat) const;
/// Clearing things ///
void ClearNPCs();
void ClearNPCsExit();
void ClearItems();
/// Variables ///
static unsigned int m_RandomMapCount;
const char* m_NoUpMsg;
const char* m_NoDownMsg;
bool m_NextTurn;
Player m_Player;
std::vector<Entity*> m_NPCs;
std::vector<ItemTile> m_Items;
//std::string m_Cheat;
//std::vector<Map*> m_Maps;
//Map* m_CurrentMap;
unsigned int m_CurrentLevel;
unsigned int m_MapNumber;
/// Hidden stuff, go away ///
bool dev{ false };
#endif // !GAME_H