Mastodon client for Emacs and fork of with 2FA support and other features.
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mastodon.el fork

This is a fork of (develop branch). It implements the 2FA login for Mastodon and solves other login related issues I had before (in the "login" branch).

I'd soon send a pull request when the author/maintainer of blast fork is ready to accept it.

Till then please give it a try and report if you can find any login related bug.


Clone this repository (and make sure you are in "login" branch) and add the lisp directory to your load path. Then, require it and go.

    (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/mastodon.el/lisp")
    (require 'mastodon)


You need to set 2 variables in your init file to get started:

  1. mastodon-instance-url

  2. mastodon-active-user

(see their doc strings for details). For example If you want post toots as "", then do:

    (setq mastodon-instance-url ""
          mastodon-active-user "example_user")

Then restart Emacs and run M-x mastodon. Make sure you are connected to internet before you do this. If you have multiple mastodon accounts you can activate one at a time by changing those two variables and restarting Emacs.

— This is a fork of of the great but seemingly dormant

It adds the following features:

display profile metadata fields
display pinned toots first
display relationship (follows you/followed by you)
display toots/follows/followers counts
links/tags/mentions in profile bios are active links
show a lock icon for locked accounts
R, C-c a, C-c r view/accept/reject follow requests
V view your favorited toots
i toggle pinning of toots
S-C-P jump to your profile
U update your profile bio note
O jump to own profile
follow requests now also appear in notifications
a, r accept/reject follow request
notifications for when a user posts (mastodon-tl--enable-notify-user-posts)
C copy url of toot at point
d delete your toot at point, and reload current timeline
D delete and redraft toot at point, preserving reply/CW/visibility
W, M, B (un)follow, (un)mute, (un)block author of toot at point
k, K toggle bookmark of toot at point, view bookmarked toots
display polls and vote on them
images are links to the full image, can be zoomed/rotated/saved (see image keymap)
images scale properly
toot visibility (direct, followers only) icon appears in toot bylines
display toot's number of favorites, boosts and replies
customize option to cache images
mention booster in replies by default
replies preserve visibility status/CW of original toot
autocompletion of user mentions, via company-mode (must be installed to work)
C-c C-a media uploads, asynchronous
media upload previews displayed in toot compose buffer
C-c C-n and sensitive media/nsfw flag
C-c C-e add emoji (if emojify installed)
download and use your instance's custom emoji
server's maximum toot length shown in toot compose buffer
S search (posts, users, tags) (NB: only posts you have interacted with are searched)

It also makes some small cosmetic changes to make timelines easier to read, and makes some functions asynchronous, based on

This updated version is not on MELPA, to use it you need to clone and require it as per the installation instructions below.

The minimum Emacs version is now 26.1. But if you are running an older version it shouldn't be very hard to get it working.

I did this for my own use and to learn more Elisp. Feel free to improve it.

live-updating timelines: mastodon-async-mode

(code taken from

Works for federated, local, and home timelines and for notifications. It's pretty necro, sometimes it goes off the rails, so use at your own risk. Not a super high priority for me, but some people dig it.

To enable, it, add (require 'mastodon-async) to your init.el. Then you can view a timeline with one of the commands that begin with mastodon-async--stream-.

NB: dependency

This version depends on the library request (for uploading attachments). You can install it from MELPA, or

NB: bugs

This repo also incorporates fixes for two bugs that were never merged into the upstream repo:


It looks like 2-factor auth was never completed in the original repo. It's not a priority for me, auth ain't my thing. If you want to hack on it, its on the develop branch in the original repo.


Contributions are welcome. Registration is disabled by default on the gitea instance, but if you are interested, get in touch with me on mastodon:

Original README


Clone this repository and add the lisp directory to your load path. Then, require it and go.

    (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/mastodon.el/lisp")
    (require 'mastodon)

Or, with use-package:

  (use-package mastodon
    :ensure t)


Add MELPA to your archives:

  (require 'package)
  (add-to-list 'package-archives
               '("melpa" . "") t)

Update and install:

M-x package-refresh-contents RET

M-x package-install RET mastodon RET


mastodon-mode will enable Emojify if it is loaded in your Emacs environment, so there's no need to write your own hook anymore. emojify-mode is not required.


mastodon-mode can provide a context menu for its keybindings if Discover is installed. It is not required.

if you have Discover, add the following to your Emacs init configuration:

  (require 'mastodon-discover)
  (with-eval-after-load 'mastodon (mastodon-discover))

Or, with use-package:

  (use-package mastodon
    :ensure t


2 Factor Auth

2FA is not supported yet. It is in the plans for the 1.0.0 release.

If you have 2FA enabled and try to use mastodon.el, your Emacs client will hang until you `C-g` your way out.


Set mastodon-instance-url in your .emacs or customize. Defaults to the flagship.

    (setq mastodon-instance-url "https://my.instance.url")

There is an option to have your user credentials (email address and password) saved to disk so you don't have to re-enter them on every restart. The default is not to do this because if not properly configured it would save these unencrypted which is not a good default to have. Customize the variable mastodon-auth-source-file if you want to enable this feature.


M-x mastodon

Opens a *mastodon-home* buffer in the major mode so you can see toots. You will be prompted for email and password. The app registration process will take place if your mastodon-token-file does not contain :client_id and :client_secret.

Key Action
? Open context menu if discover is available
Timeline actions
n Go to next item (toot, notification)
p Go to previous item (toot, notification)
M-n=/=<tab> Go to the next interesting thing that has an action
M-p=/=<S-tab> Go to the previous interesting thing that has an action
u Update timeline
# Prompt for tag and open its timeline
A Open author profile of toot under point
F Open federated timeline
H Open home timeline
L Open local timeline
N Open notifications timeline
P Open profile of user attached to toot under point
T Open thread buffer for toot under point
Toot actions
c Toggle content warning content
b Boost toot under point
f Favourite toot under point
r Reply to toot under point
n Compose a new toot
Switching to other buffers
q Quit mastodon buffer, leave window open
Q Quit mastodon buffer and kill window
Marker Meaning
(B) I boosted this toot.
(F) I favourited this toot.

Toot toot

M-x mastodon-toot

Pops a new buffer/window with a mastodon-toot minor mode. Enter the contents of your toot here. C-c C-c sends the toot. C-c C-k cancels. Both actions kill the buffer and window.

If you have not previously authenticated, you will be prompted for your account email and password. NOTE: Email and password are NOT stored by mastodon.el.

Authentication stores your access token in the mastodon-auth--token variable. It is not stored on your filesystem, so you will have to re-authenticate when you close/reopen Emacs.


The default toot visibility can be changed by setting or customizing the mastodon-toot--default-visibility variable. Valid values are "public", "unlisted", "private", or direct.

Toot visibility can also be changed on a per-toot basis from the new toot buffer.

Key Action
C-c C-c Send toot
C-c C-k Cancel toot
C-c C-w Add content warning
C-c C-v Change toot visibility


Here are the features I plan to implement before putting mastodon.el on MELPA.

Here are the plans I have for the 1.0.0 release.


PRs, issues, and feature requests are very welcome!


  1. Create an issue detailing the feature you'd like to add.

  2. Fork the repository and create a branch off of develop.

  3. Create a pull request referencing the issue created in step 1.


  1. In an issue, let me know that you're working to fix it.

  2. Fork the repository and create a branch off of develop.

  3. Create a pull request referencing the issue from step 1.


If you want to get in touch with me, give me a toot or leave an issue.