This script backuping postgresql database to Amazon S3.
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RaZZlom backup script

This script i wrote to backup my Misskey instance database to Amazon S3.

Getting Started

Install boto3 library:

pip install boto3

After installing boto3 set up credentials (in e.g. ~/.aws/credentials):

aws_access_key_id = YOUR_KEY
aws_secret_access_key = YOUR_SECRET

Then, set up a default region (in e.g. ~/.aws/config):


Clone git repository:

git clone

Change default settings:

bucket_name = 'YOUR_BUCKET_NAME'
recipient = 'YOUR_GPG_KEY'
hash_type = 'sha512'  # md5 or sha512
logs_path = './logs/'

Then execute script with cron or systemd.timer every hour.

What script do:

  • Make postgres database dump
  • Encrypt dump with GPG key
  • Create md5 or sha512 checksum file
  • Upload encrypted file and checksum file to s3
  • Delete dump, encrypted file and checksum file from disk

To delete old backups from s3 you need to configure bucket Lifecycle rules.

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