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Project Unison Unified Custom Weapons is the script pack which keeps contents intact with original and merges four new custom weapon packs into one. https://codeberg.org/RoonMoonlight/Project-Unison
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This project is discontinued since it is difficult to keep as-is state. The repository will remain public but will be archived for archival purposes. Feel free to look how does it works!

Project Unison: Unified Custom Weapons

"Unite the Public Custom Weapons. Together." Project Unison: Unified Custom Weapons is the script pack designed to unite the public custom weapons posted into the one. This mod was designed to use on Project Unison dedicated servers.

How does it work?

Short answer: All three mods simply acts as resources, Unified CW does the scripting.

This Unified Custom Weapons script pack takes higher priorities than others scripts by being top of alphabetical order, overwriting the existing scripts to support various mods. This means other scripts from each custom weapons becomes disabled, acting their mods as source of models/textures/particles/sounds.

Does it modify balance or change something?

Nope! Unlike KO Custom Weapons, this mod's focus is merging the custom weapons while not trying to change balance and mechanism, and avoiding the weapon conflict.

If there is unavoidable conflicts (e.g. Duplicate weapon with NOWP or other mod), it gets removed. However we try not to alter NOWP and try to keep every script intact as much as possible.

How to install

The Common Sense of Installation

The installation step for every mods are simple: copy all vpk and folders to custom folder. Most of mods from GameBanana are compressed with zip or something else, so don't forget to extract the compressed file before doing so.

Where is custom folder? It is located on following directories:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\tf2classic\custom
  • Linux: /home/(your username)/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/sourcemods/tf2classic/custom

The location may differ if you installed Steam and TF2C on other directory.

Okay here we go.

First install all three mods(New-Old Weapons Pack, Fred's Fight Starters, Mombae's Fun Pack) and move mods related vpk and folders to custom folder.

Then install the latest version of Unified CW right here, extract and put folder named [a]unifiedcw to custom folder.



I do not own every content. Most of all the only thing I did is just merge the custom weapons into the one and removed some conflicting weapons.

All rights belongs to respective authors of the mod.