A top-down shooter game made with Pygame Zero for PyWeek 33.
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Midday Shootout

About The Game

This game was made for PyWeek 33 for which the theme was 'Evil Twin'. It revolves around a gunfight with an evil android. Have fun!


You need to install Pygame Zero for this game to work. You can do that by typing this command.

pip install pgzero

Pygame Zero v1.2.1 or higher is required for certain features to work.

It is also recommended that you have Python 3.8.

Running The Game

From Source

~$ cd <PathToFolder>/Midday_Shootout
~$ python midday_shootout.py

On Linux

Requires glibc >= 2.31. (Ubuntu 20.04 or higher)

  1. Extract the ZIP file.
  2. Make sure midday_shootout is executable by going to the file's Properties.
  3. Run the executable.

Known Issues

  1. The game window doesn't fit my screen. - The game window's dimensions are 512 x 768 px. If your screen height is smaller than this, it won't fit your screen. If you are running the game from source, you can still make it fit by going to midday_shootout.py and changing the HEIGHT (line 7) variable. WARNING: The game itself will work fine but some stuff may be cut off from view. It is recommended to keep it as close to the original dimensions as possible.

  2. Nothing happens when I click! - The game doesn't support mouse input. It was designed to be used entirely with a keyboard. Use the arrow keys and ENTER to navigate the menu. For instructions on how to play the game, go to the 'HELP' section in the game's main menu.

  3. Can I remap the keybindings? - This is currently not supported in-game. However, if you are running from source, you could possibly do this by looking for the following (in midday_shootout.py) and changing them: keys.UP, keys.DOWN, keys.RIGHT, keys.LEFT, keys.SPACE, keyboard.space, keys.RETURN and keys.ESCAPE. For more information on how to change them, go here.



Sounds and Music


This game has been licensed under GPL v3. Please refer to LICENSE for more information.