An online poker tracker for PokerTH ( Continuation of
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server.js Document exported js functions with JSDoc. 6 months ago is an online poker tracker for PokerTH. It is inspired by professional products like Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager. While its predecessor only analyzes the local log files, this tracker attempts to collect game logs from all its users and uses the accumulated data for analysis.


This software needs a MySQL/MariaDB Database to store its game data. Make sure to create one. Running this application server is as simple as:

node server.js

But you may need to pass a few environment variables:

Variable Meaning Default
NODE_ENV The environment. Note that the app behaves differently in development and production. development
DB_HOST The database server. localhost
DB_USER The database user name. fish
DB_PASS The password for the database user. <empty>
DB_NAME The database name to connect to. finda_fish_dev
DB_DEBUG Debug mode - Database queries get written to stdout. false
MATOMO_URL The URL of your matomo tracker. (optional) <empty>
MATOMO_SITEID The site id of your matomo tracker. (optional) <empty>

The development environment is unsafe and should only be used for ...well development. Make sure to pass

export NODE_ENV=production

before exposing this app to the internet.

Player type analysis

Every known player is categorized according to his statistical values. See this graph: Player type categorization

License is free software. You can redistribute it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License in version 3 or at your choice any later version. See: AGPLv3