A cli frontend to emerge, plus some extra features. Written in Rust.
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A cli frontend to emerge, written in Rust.



Because. I can.


Rust and Cargo are required. It is recommended to install them via rustup.
There are 3 ways currently:

Manually with cargo

1: git clone https://github.com/Phate6660/pkg && cd pkg && cargo install --path .*
2: git clone https://github.com/Phate6660/pkg && cd pkg && cargo build --release && mv target/release/pkg /usr/local/bin**
3: cargo install --git https://github.com/Phate6660/pkg.git*

*(Make sure $HOME/.cargo/bin is in your $PATH.)
**(Build and manually move to $PATH.)

From crates.io

cargo install pkg-gentoo

From overlay

  1. Install the overlay p6nc-overlay.
  2. Ensure repos and overlays are synced: sudo emerge --sync.
  3. sudo emerge -atv pkg-gentoo

Note: Even though the package is named pkg-gentoo, the binary is still pkg.


$ pkg -h

pkg 0.0.1
Phate6660 <https://codeberg.org/Phate6660>
A cli frontend for emerge, plus some extra features. Why? Because I can.

Note: Package operations require root.
So run with your preferred method of privilege elevation, otherwise emerge will ask if you want to pretend.

    pkg [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -c, --clean      Remove any un-needed packages.
    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -l, --list       List currently installed packages.
    -p, --portup     One-shot emerge portage. Used when you need to specifically update portage.
    -S, --sync       Update repos and overlays.
    -u, --update     Update any installed packages.
    -V, --version    Prints version information
    -w, --world      Prints the contents of your world file.

    -f, --frem <PKGS>...          Force remove package(s).
    -i, --install <PKGS>...       Install package(s).
    -r, --remove <PKGS>...        Remove package(s).
    -s, --search <SEARCHES>...    Search for package(s).


There's really nothing concrete. I'm just adding and editing features as I see fit right now.
If anyone actually wants to use this and would like to see features added, feel free to open an issue.
Or if you want to contribute anything, feel free to open a PR.