Unique host templates to enhance own privacy in games, websites and regulary software on Desktop and Android devices https://www.gameindustry.eu/
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GameIndustry host Templates

Unique host templates to enhance own privacy in games, websites and regulary software

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📝 Project Description

Business analytics, spyware, tracking cookies in games and clients and thus partly self-legitimized data theft are often wide accepted these days and are often imposed on consumers on a "eat or die" basis.

My published host files can offer an enhanced privacy to protect users from tracking, spyware, telemetry, malware, advertising and redirections in games, on websites and in regulary programs on desktop and mobile systems.

No third party programs or complicated or expensive installation media (PI) are required

Special features:

  • Works on any device. System-wide
  • Blocked entries for over 1600 games and the most important gaming-clients of this time
  • Over 31000 lines
  • Regularly updated
  • Entries for Software, games, websites and IoT
  • Privacy breaking tech companies like Facebook are blocked
  • A large part of the outgoing connections from Windows (xx) and Microsoft games were blocked
  • Strict and no exceptions for big companies
  • Modular design - Take entries you need
  • All entries are categorized by Product names, Publisher, website & company names
  • Comments and additional information for several entries (german language)
  • All products are seperated, to show consumers which things belong to which product
  • Additional Ipv4 and Ipv6 entries to block them in your firewall

Host versions

  • Main Template: software, websites, drivers, technology companys, gaming clients, games and more
  • Gaming Mini-Template: Blocked most common game analytics, spyware and advertising services in PC games. Nothing else
  • Gaming Full-Template: Blocked telemetry, game analytics, spyware and unnecessary connections for Gaming Clients and Games on and for several platforms.
  • Android Mini-Template: Blocked most common game analytics, advertising, spyware and advertising services in Android games and software
  • Android Full-Template: Blocked telemetry, advertising, game analytics, spyware and unnecessary connections for several Android products. Product related without exception

And many more on gameindustry.eu

📖 Installation

Please keep in mind that the hosts may be read-only or require root privileges depending on your system

Copy and paste:

  • Open the file on Github, "Save as hosts" without any suffix... and copy the file to one of the listed directories.
  • As an alternative to "save as" it is also possible to copy the page content and paste it into an existing file

Windows: %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
Linux: /etc/hosts
Android: /etc/hosts (a symbolic link to /system/etc/hosts)

Save as hosts

Easy to use Setup file:

A host file setup was created for easy use. Start your setup, choose one from 5 templates and install.
Source: GameIndustry Downloads

Supporting german, english and japanese language

Latest Screenshot:


⚠ Things to be considered

Blocking program components sometimes brings both desirable and undesirable features. Here are a few things to consider

Some programs can cause trouble:

Since I specify connections per product and thus also duplicate entries and strict block "critical" processes (e.g. Windows Spyware, some activation services), it's difficult sometimes. Manufacturers do not like this approach, take the initiative and the hosts will be deleted from your system or will be strongly modified without a hint.

  • Kaspsersky Internet Security requires an exception rule
  • Microsoft Windows Defender requires an exception rule
  • IoBIT Driver Booster deletes mostly every AWS entry (Block "FaultFixes.exe" to prevent unwanted host changes)
  • WiseCare also modify the hosts
  • Malwarebytes makes false statements when certain entries are in the file and changes the hosts as well

If you use any of these programs, you should look carefully which rights they take, which and why error messages are displayed and which files they can modified.

Safety does not automatically mean safety in the way we as end users imagine it. Especially since manufacturers and publisher who promise us security often work to their own advantage.

Notice to Valve Corporation's GDS connections - Oct. 2021

This service is definitely superfluous. Entries can be ignored and can be deleted by "Search and Replace" functions. 400 products are affected.


Careful with using entries. Some may be strict and many services may not work

🐞 Bugs, Mistakes, questions:

Even me is not perfect and there may be wrong entries or spelling mistakes. If so, do not hesitate to contact me ASAP - Please open a ticket, contact me in Steam or about my website. Corrections (if needed) are quickly implemented.

There is only one person behind the entire project. Creating and maintaining the list has taken several years a lot of money and have build alone from scratch.

GameIndustry.eu is the original source of published host files. If the files (or components) are from somewhere else (maybe modified), they are not from me and get no support.

Website & Support: GameIndustry.eu and Contact site
Steam Group & Support: Spyware in Spielen? Nein danke!

License: Creative Commons by-nc-sa 4.0

🚨 Copycats and thiefs

Imposters and thiefs like "Chef-Koch" can go to hell. Using other people's work and passes off other people's work as own creation is the lowest. Especially then if act too stupidly.

There are not for nothing notes about licenses and copyrights on my published content.

Reports of violations can be posted here or through the contact options provided.