Simple to use OpenPGP API based on Bouncycastle
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PGPainless Changelog


  • Add ConsumerOptions.setIgnoreMDCErrors() which can be used to consume broken messages. Not recommended!
  • Add MessageInspector.isSignedOnly() which can be used to identify messages created via gpg --sign --armor
  • Workaround for BCs PGPUtil.getDecoderStream mistaking plaintext for base64 encoded data
  • Cleanup of unused internal methods
  • SOP: Fix ArmorImpl writing data to provided output stream instead of System.out
  • Fix hen and egg problem with streams in signature detaching implementation of SOP
  • Make code REUSE compliant


  • Export dependency on Bouncycastle's bcprov-jdk15on
  • Rework Key Generation API
    • Replace builder-chain structure with single KeyRingBuilder class
  • Change return value of CleartextSignatureProcessor.process() to DecryptionStream
  • Rename CleartextSignatureProcessor.process() to CleartextSignatureProcessor.getVerificationStream()
  • Add support for creating cleartext signed messages by calling ProducerOptions.setCleartextSigned()
  • Add examples for signing messages in the examples package.


  • Add MessageInspector class to determine IDs of recipient keys.
  • PGPainless now tries decryption using keys with available passphrases first and only then request key passphrases using callbacks.


  • Fix: Add workaround for BC defaulting to S2K USAGE_CHECKSUM by changing S2K usage to USAGE_SHA1
  • Repair keys with USAGE_CHECKSUM when changing passphrase


  • Fix: When changing expiration date of keys, also consider generic and casual certifications


  • Cleartext Signature Framework
    • Reuse ConsumerOptions class for verification
    • Return OpenPgpMetadata object as result of verification
  • Change default compression algorithm from UNCOMPRESSED to ZIP
  • Cleanup: Move Signature Verification code to dedicated internal stream


  • Allow customization of ASCII armor comment and version headers
  • Small bug fixes of SOP implementation
  • Readability fixes
  • Switch from JUL to slf4j for logging
  • SOP: Native support for verify-not-before and verify-not-after
  • SOP: Adopt changes for SOP spec version 2
    • Add detach-inband-signatures-and-message subcommand
    • Add support for environment variables
    • Remove -allow-nested
  • Cleartext Signature Framework: Fix handling of trailing newlines


  • Encrypt to all capable subkeys by default
  • Ignore missing CRC checksums in ASCII Armor


  • Fix writing data to standard out in the java-sop-picocli module
  • Improve handling of signatures with missing issuer-key-id packets
  • Properly ignore marker packets
  • Add issuer-fingerprint packets to message signatures by default
  • Fix ordering (bracketing) and nested-ness of one-pass-signatures
  • Fix interoperability issue with Thunderbird
    • Some keys caused wrong partial-length encodings for integrity protected session packets


  • Actually properly detect CRC checksum errors in ASCII armor


  • Explicitly reject non-self-signatures when picking user-id self-signatures
  • pgpainless-cli: Set executable name in help text
  • Properly detect CRC checksum errors in ASCII armor


  • Java based Stateless OpenPGP Protocol
    • Introduce sop-java module
      Contains Java interfaces modelling the Stateless OpenPGP Protocol
    • Introduce sop-java-picocli
      Command Line Interface frontend for sop-java based OpenPGP implementations
    • pgpainless-sop now contains an implementation of sop-java using pgpainless-core
    • pgpainless-cli now contains a ready to use OpenPGP command line application
      It simply plugs pgpainless-sop into sop-java-picocli.
  • Remove deprecated encryption API
  • Remove deprecated decryption API
  • Add PGPainless.extractCertificate() and PGPainless.asciiArmor() methods
  • OpenPgpMetadata: getDecryptionKey() and getVerifiedSignatures() now return SubkeyIdentifier objects
  • KeyRingReader now properly ignores marker packets
  • Encryption: File-related metadata (e.g. file name) moved to ProducerOptions
  • pgpainless-cli/pgpainless-cli executable script: Fix piping and parameter passing
  • sop-java-picocli: Add help command
  • When changing passphrases: Subkeys with GNU_DUMMY_S2K will now be ignored


  • Introduce new simplified decryption API
    The new API (withOptions(ConsumerOptions)) resembles the encryption API and is more friendly to dynamic construction of decryption properties
    The old API has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release
  • Add example package in the JUnit tests
    This package contains always-up-to-date usage examples for the PGPainless' API and various use cases
  • Add KeyRingInfo.getVersion
  • Add CachingSecretKeyRingProtector.addPassphrase(OpenPgpV4Fingerprint, Passphrase)
  • Make builds of all jars reproducible
  • Fix NullPointerException in KeyRingInfo.getExpirationDateForUse()


  • Fix bug where adding a subkey would ignore the user-requested key flags
    This would cause subkeys to erroneously carry the certify-others key flag


  • Bump Bouncycastle dependency to 1.69
    This fixes a number of issues (#70, #72, #84). As a result the test suite should now run more smoothly \o/
  • Remove Android SDK build dependency
    We can now build PGPainless without the need to have the Android SDK installed
  • SignatureUtils: Add getSignatureDigestPrefix() method
  • Add KeyIdUtil which allows converting 16 digit hex fingerprints to key-ids
  • SignatureSubpacketsUtil: Add methods to get notations by name
  • Add public key algorithm policy to reject signatures made by weak signing keys