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  Paul Schaub 6cea0cd966
PGPainless 0.0.1-alpha8-SNAPSHOT 2 months ago
  Paul Schaub 47de49df1d
PGPainless 0.0.1-alpha7 2 months ago
  Paul Schaub 0b4f8afe58
Merge pull request #9 from Flowdalic/flow 2 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 7690b542ab Add type parameters where possible 2 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 987791b9bd Add bin/ to gitignore 2 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 9f062ebd79 Remove no longer reuired KeyRingSubKeyFix 2 months ago
  Paul Schaub ea17d11a99
Merge pull request #8 from Flowdalic/bc-1.62 2 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 25cb1b8cc0 Bump BouncyCastle to 1.62 2 months ago
  Paul Schaub 8470d7b7f9
PGPainless 0.0.1-alpha7-SNAPSHOT 4 months ago
  Paul Schaub b89cc2c51d
PGPainless 0.0.1-alpha6 4 months ago
  Paul Schaub 0d509216c2
Update gradle wrapper to 5.4.1 4 months ago
  Paul Schaub 5b83d019f3
update gradle to 5.4.1 5 months ago
  Paul Schaub 308aa18b7f
Merge pull request #7 from Flowdalic/tune-down-logging 6 months ago
  Florian Schmaus 8abea678ca Tune down the INFO logging, use debug log level where sensible 6 months ago
  Paul Schaub 7da11d68fe
PGPainless 0.0.1-alpha6-SNAPSHOT 6 months ago
  Paul Schaub 083a689069
PGPainless 0.0.1-alpha5 6 months ago
  Paul Schaub 36c871f198
Allow different providers than BC 6 months ago
  Paul Schaub 90649a5882
Degrade decryption stream loglevel to FINE 7 months ago
  Paul Schaub 4bd4d24066
Update .gitignore 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 4a45b9d114
Add MultiMapTest 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 5cd87bd537
Fix MultiMap.remove() 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub c4aaa7ae6b
PGPainless 0.0.1-alpha5-SNAPSHOT 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub e269831723
PGPainless 0.0.1-alpha4 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub fe52a7f398
Fix OpenPgpV4Fingerprint.getKeyId() 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub ea6f89e2bc
Merge pull request #3 from Flowdalic/fixes 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus cfab8a744d Properly close InputStream in SymmetricEncryptorDecryptor 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus b6bb395e4f Add missing @Override to EncryptionBuilder 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus cab513773d Add @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") to BCUtilTest 1 year ago
  Florian Schmaus d869bc8c8b Add @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") to LengthTest 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub e9958bc620
Move And + Or selection strategies to util 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 58675b5556
Move site stuff to gh-pages branch 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 60eab1a074
PGPainless 0.0.1-alpha4-SNAPSHOT 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 4c5580c1d5
PGPainless 0.0.1-alpha3 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub b89d3562ac
Add @Nullable, @Nonnull annotations through findbugs 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 51991bdb07
add codeblock syntax 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub ac538915b3 Update CNAME 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 59b0c9c9bc
Remove title 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 78ffc69051
Add pgpainless.org website content 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub c8f3e3d116
add containsVerifiedSignatureFrom(OpenPgpV4Fingerprint) to OpenPgpMetadata 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub e9ca8df956
Add javadoc to MissingPublicKeyCallback 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub f6e523685b
Improve tests 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 4dbb4311ad
Add jacocoRootReport task 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 5c522ddb29
Activate coveralls 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub ef5ee8ed1b
Add coveralls 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub e0bc31bd43
Add coveralls badge 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub a1d6666113
Add badges 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 770b4f9f59
Fix unsigned assignment 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub fc3e0a58a8
Add travis.yml 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub e7a6df5a87
Improve OpenPgpV4FingerprintTests 1 year ago
  Paul Schaub 9b68ee67d9
Add jacoco 1 year ago