• First tech preview of ObjGTK (0.1)
    No due date 0 Open 3 Closed Updated 2768h 22min 52s ago

    Needs to work. Will be based on a prerelease version of ObjFW probably.

  • First stable release of ObjGTK
    No due date 4 Open 0 Closed Updated 691h 24min 33s ago


    • be able to work on most of the glib libs (read: most of the GIR files) in a general way
    • support GObject properties via ObjC properties
    • integrate with the bootstrapping API of ObjFW
    • support GTK4
    • provide a number of example apps to demonstrate the use of ObjGTK
    • rely on a stable ObjFW release.
  • Second tech preview of ObjGTK (0.2)
    No due date 6 Open 5 Closed Updated 676h 35min 39s ago


    • generate ObjC libs from GIR files generically
    • resolve dependencies of classes and GObject libs automatically
    • show documentation for generated classes
    • still be portable (compile with GCC and clang)