• v2.4.3 2c51501a9b

    v2.4.3 Stable

    NullPointerException released this 3 months ago | 13 commits to main since this release

    feat: Implement customized color scheme for BiliBili and NicoNico instead of using the default YouTube color(GitHub #74)
    feat: Introduce support for making a fixed, eye-friendly color as the global theme

    fix: live failed every 50s sometimes(NicoNico)
    fix: bullet comments are not refreshed if auto-play is enabled
    fix: App crash after Youtube video ended with Danmaku on (GitHub #70)
    fix: crash when filtering history and click back button
    fix: Danmaku not synchronized on Youtube (GitHub #68)
    fix: [Bug] Exported database file default name starts with "NewPipeData" (GitHub #73)
    Fix: Timestamps not functioning correctly on certain occasions.
    fix: search filters are not working as expected
    fix: subtitle downloading not working
    fix: can not fetch viewers in recommended live kiosk(NicoNico)
    fix: bullet comments are not showing sometimes(NicoNico)
    fix: improve notification if round play streams are not available(BiliBili)
    fix: Unable to fetch mp4 only streams(BiliBili) <CodeBerg #25>
    fix: live streams not working(BiliBili)
    fix: live comments not working(BiliBili)