• v2.3.1 c82b19a952

    v2.3.1 Stable

    NullPointerException released this 4 months ago | 34 commits to main since this release

    build: change compileSdk and targetSdk to 33
    UI: use Android 13's media control for Android 13 devices
    UI: show toast if there is no update
    fix: crash when open a video with too many related items and then minimize the app
    fix: random background playing is not started from the first
    fix: can not change playback load interval
    behavior: urls in descriptions will always be treated as url, instead of trying to handle it internally first
    perf: significantly improve the initial loading speed(Youtube)

    Please note a large amount of upstream commits has been applied, so it may not be stable. Feel free to report any bug you met.