An alternative Android streaming front-end of Bilibili, NicoNico, Youtube and more.
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The project is hosted on both CodeBerg and GitHub. It is preferred to raise issue on CodeBerg but it is OK if you raise it on GitHub.

Please star this repo if you like it. It is a great motivation for me to continue maintaining this fork.


An INDEPENDENT fork of NewPipe with more services, client features and bug fixes.

Get it on F-Droid Get it on IzzyOnDroid

Services List:

  • BiliBili (Actively maintained)
  • NicoNico (Actively maintained)
  • Youtube (Only significant updates will be merged from upstream)
  • SoundCloud (Not maintained)
  • media.ccc (Not maintained)
  • Bandcamp (Not maintained)
  • Peertube (Not maintained)


New Client Features:

  • Bullet comments/Live Chats
  • Show comments of replies
  • Search filters
  • Filter items in local playlists
  • One-click starting a shuffled playlist
  • Click-to-play at playlist page
  • Sort playlists
  • Remove duplicate items of local playlists
  • Open timestamp in the main player
  • Long click to append all related items to playlist
  • Fetch all the items in the online playlist


Issues and PRs are welcomed. Any service related to otaku culture, and any new features making user experience more comfortable are welcomed.

⚠️Warning: This fork is already far from the main repo. You may have to spend a considerable amount of time resolving conflicts.

If you want to contribute your translation, see


This repo exists originally because BiliBili service is rejected by the team due to censorship concerns. Please DO NOT raise any issue about merging new services to upstream in this repo, TeamNewPipe/NewPipe, or TeamNewPipe/NewPipeExtractor. It is MEANINGLESS and a WASTE OF TIME for the maintainers.

About merging the new features and fixes to upstream: My coding style is very casual and self-centered. I don't want to do any modification to fit other projects or ask for others to accept my merge request. If you want that, DO NOT raise any issue in this repo. DO IT YOURSELF.

This project is mainly for my personal use. If you raise an issue I won't encounter, I may not make any fixes.

This repo is NOT the orginal repo of Newpipe, and will NOT always keep up with the latest version of the original repo.

This repo can NOT ensure every service is available. PeerTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and are not maintained as I don't use them and they are not related to otaku culture. Youtube is still maintained, though only significant updates will be merged from upstream. For the best user experience browsering Youtube, please check the upstream NewPipe or another fork NewPipe x SponsorBlock

Special Thanks

SocialSisterYi/bilibili-API-collect for providing BiliBili API lists.

AioiLight for providing some of the code of NicoNico service.