Documentation of the MintApps
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Client installation

On the release page you will also find a ZIP file with the name "" for the corresponding release. Download the latest package and unpack it locally. The applications can then be started by clicking on the file index.html and opening it in the browser. Please note, that this type of installation does not include a server component, which is optionally required for a few selected apps.

In order to also install the examples for the quiz games (MINT Quiz, Pairs, The Big Quiz), you can additionally save the latest ZIP file from the data repository locally and open the examples contained in each case via the function "Start local quiz/game".

Installing the server component


The prerequisites for using the server component are a web server with PHP support and a mysql / mariadb database. The installation is optimised for so-called "Managed Webhostings", i.e. simple file access (e.g. FTP) is sufficient for installation.

Select creation method

To prevent your server from being overloaded with requests, inviting additional players is protected. There are three options available:

  • none: no restriction
  • password: use password
  • captcha: use captcha
  • challenge: use proof of work challenge

First, decide which method you would like to use. The choice has an effect on the configuration of the server component.

Installation steps

  • Download the matching ZIP package with the server files and unpack it locally.
  • Create the subdirectory sync on your web server and copy the files from the unzipped directory server-main/sync into it.
  • Copy the file sync/config.example.php to sync/config.php and adjust the database parameters. Also specify a long random string for the constant TOKEN_SECRET.
  • Set the constant 'AUTH_TYPE' according to your choice (see Select creation method)
  • If you decide to use a password for creating rooms, enter it in the constant 'ROOM_CREATE_PASS'. The password can be entered either as plain text or as an sha1 hash.
  • Call the installation script using the browser, inserting your server name and adding subdirectories if necessary. The script concludes - if all other settings are correct - with the message "→ Installation completed successfully".
  • Now delete the file sync/install.php from your server!
  • Test the functionality of the server by calling If the server works correctly, your browser will display an answer starting like
    captcha	"data: image/png;base64,...
  • Now create the subdirectory app on the server and copy all unpacked files of the client into it.
  • Adjust the client's configuration file app/config.json so that it contains the correct path to the server. Note the slash at the end of the url:
  "syncUrl": ""
  • Furthermore, you can also place hyperlinks to a page with an imprint (about), terms of use (terms) and a privacy statement (privacy) in the confirmation file. These will then be displayed in the bottom bar of the page.
  "syncUrl": "",
  "aboutUrl": "",
  "termsUrl": "",
  "privacyUrl": "",

Now the app should be available at :-)

Installing the quiz and game data

  • Prerequisite for the installation is that the client is installed on a web server.
  • Download the current ZIP package with the data and unpack it locally.
  • Copy the subdirectory 'data' directly into the directory 'app' on your web server where the other files of the client are located.

Now the games should be available at the corresponding apps (e.g. Pairs).