Documentation of the MintApps
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# Create a new app
You have an idea for a MintApp and want to develop it yourself? Your help is welcome!
If you are familiar with Javascript, CSS and Vue, developing is relatively easy, a template with detailed comments can be found in the file [Template.vue](
## Procedure
1. First, please make sure your idea is compliant with Mintapps:
- the content fits one of the following school subjects: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry or Technology.
- higher school level (e.g. grammar school grades 11-13, or final classes at vocational/professional schools).
- the application has added __didactic__ value, e.g. Apps only performing calculations, do not meet this requirement.
- if the app is going to use the server component (→ multiuser mode), it should also offer a single user mode (for offline users).
2. Create a new issue in the [client repository of MintApps](
- describe your idea in as much detail as possible, ideally already with a sketch of the app
- the ticket is then reviewed by the active members of the project
- afterwards you will receive feedback, often with many more creative ideas :-)
3. Create a copy of the MintApps:
- if you are technically skilled, please create your own fork [of the client repository](
- since GIT has its pitfalls (and you should not fail because of that...), you can alternatively download the [ZIP file with the current sources]( and unpack it locally
4. Now develop and test the new app, taking into account the following points:
- under `src/mint/views` you will find the file [Template.vue](, which can be a good starting point for your first MintApp
- please also create a new icon and place it in the directory `src/mint/assets`. Use only the colour black and a transparent background in SVG format (so that the icons can be adapted to the various end devices and modes).
- each app needs its own language file in JSON format, which is located in the subfolder `src/mint/locales`. It is sufficient, if you store the texts in German or English there :-)
- in order to test the app yourself, a route is needed in the file [routes.js]( in the folder `src/mint/js`.
- ... and finally, please add a suitable menu entry in the corresponding index file `src/mint/views/IndexPhysics.js`.
5. Submit to the project:
- if you created a fork, please submit a pull request with a meaningful description
- alternatively, you can simply send us the changed files via your ticket
6. Finally, we will merge the changes