A personal theme for my website and blog (Micmun-Style). Made for the hugo static site generator (https://gohugo.io/)

Updated 2 months ago

Theme und Plugin für die Wordpress-Seite der Bauvereinigung Naila

Updated 3 months ago

The Android App "DeuFeiTage" shows the holydays of the german states. Die Android-App "DeuFeiTage" zeigt die Feiertage für die einzelnen Bundesländer von Deutschland.

Updated 8 months ago

A linux console tool to read the user and password from a $HOME/.netrc and outputs to stdout.

Updated 9 months ago

MicCalendar is a java application to show a month with highlighted holydays.

Updated 9 months ago

MiWoTreff is an Android app for showing and searching the program of "Mittwochstreff der Evangelischen Gemeinschaft Bogenhausen, Munich".

Updated 9 months ago

Solved Problems for the Project Euler (https://projecteuler.net/) with Kotlin.

Updated 9 months ago

Save Copy is a Sublime Text Plugin to save a copy of an file but the original file stays open.

Updated 9 months ago