Learn software licensing in one place.
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Learn software licensing in one place.

What is software?

By language, soft means easy to change, not hard and -ware means tool, so software as a combination means tool that is not hard (to distinguish software with hardware). By term, software means part of computer that is not hard, easy to copy, easy to change, stored in computer disk storage by size in bits, containing instructions to the computer to do certain job. By form, software is source code and another forms like binary code or executable code are derived from source code. By creation, software is created by software maker (often called programmer or developer) by writing the code in a certain programming language and later translating it with a certain way resulting in program that is runnable in the user's computer.

What is source code?

By language, source means origin of something and code means symbol or form that represents someting so source code means original form of something. By term, source code means original form of software in which the maker write it in that form and make its derivatives upon it. In other words, source code means the preferred form of software to make derivative versions. All software written in source code forms. However, not all software distributed include or convey their source code to the users.

What is copyright?

What is license?

What is software copy?

What is software distribution?

What are restrictions, limitation and activation?

What are serial number?

Commercial software and non-commercial

Commercial software and freeware

Commercial software and Proprietary

Commercial software and Free Software

Freeware and free software

Proprietary software and free software

Free software and Libre software

Proprietary Software and Nonfree software

Closed source and open source


Public Domain and Copyrighted

Copyleft and Non-copyleft

What is EULA?

What are GNU GPL, BSD, MIT?

What is copyright infringement?

What is license violation?