List of free software that is easy to read for everybody.
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Free Software List

List of free software that is easy to read for everybody. I make this for my students in my computer teaching work in Indonesia. I teach computing exclusively with Free Software applications with Kubuntu operating system.

Table of Contents

Document Editor

Free Software Description
LibreOffice Office suite
Writer Word processor, part of LibreOffice.
Calc Spreadsheet, part of LibreOffice.
Impress Presentation, part of LibreOffice.
Base Database, part of LibreOffice.
Draw Drawing diagrams and edit PDF, part of LibreOffice.
Math Equation editor, part of LibreOffice.
PDF Viewer
(Evince, Okular, SumatraPDF)
PDF reader, to read pdf documents.
PDF Shuffler PDF editor specifically to split, merge and rearrange.
Scribus Desktop publishing, to design page layout and prepare printing.

Pictures, Camera and Photography

Free Software Nonfree Software
Image Viewer Image viewer, built-in Trisquel.
Gwenview Image viewer, built-in Kubuntu.
Nomacs Image viewer, fast and cross platform.
Darktable Raw photo processor.
Rawtherapee Raw photo processor, alternative to Darktable.
F-Spot Camera manager and image viewer.
GMIC Image Filters and processing framework.
Digikam Professional photo and camera management.
Shotwell Image viewer and photo manager.


Free Software Description
LibreOffice Office suite, to write/open documents, spreadsheets, presentations,
and draw illustrations. Able to save as PDF. Pairable with StarDict and Zotero.
StarDict Desktop dictionary, to translate multiple language word by word
and speak it out loud for student.
Zotero Reference manager, to save web pages and other references, and search
in them offline, and make citation, bibliography, footnote automatically. Pairable with LibreOffice.

Graphic Design

Free Software Description
Akira Graphical user interface (GUI) designer.
Blender 3D modeller and animation maker, video editor and compositing tool.
Darktable Raw photos processor.
Digikam Camera manager.
Inkscape Illustration editor (vector editor), to create any design like logos, posters, products, etc.
GIMP Image editor (bitmap editor), to manipulate pictures and photos as well as do digital painting.
Krita Digital painting tool, to make digital paintings, comics, mangas, and 2D animation.
Godot Game engine, to make 2D and 3D video games capable to run on phones and computers.
Kdenlive Video editor, to manipulate, cut, merge, remix videos, to make movies.
Natron Video compositing, to create visual effects in video.
Rawtherapee Raw photos processor, alternative to Darktable.
Shotwell Image viewer, with camera management and crop features.
Shutter Screenshot tool, with full editing abilities.
Scribus Desktop publishing, to layout and print newspapers, books, magazines, posters, etc.
Simple Scan Scanning tool, to enable scanner devices.
Synfig Studio Animation maker, to create 2D animation movie.

Multimedia Player

Free Software Nonfree Software
Elisa Audio player, built-in Kubuntu.
Rhythmbox Audio player, built-in Trisquel.
VLC Audio video player, cross platform and the most popular.

Communication and Internet

Free Software Description
Firefox Web browser, to explore the internet and world wide web.
Thunderbird Email client, to access your email inbox and send mails.
Telegram Instant messaging, complete and convenient.
Konversation Chat program, to chat (traditionally) with the internet community.
Jitsi Video call, complete and convenient.
Element Complete suite of communication and file sharing.
Nextcloud File storage and sharing, complete and convenient.
Persepolis Download manager, integrated with web browser.
Transmission BitTorrent downloader, cross platform.

Multimedia Production

Free Software Nonfree Software
Audacity Audio editor.
Blender Complete suite of 3D graphic editor, video editor
and compositor, and animation maker.
Kdenlive Video editor.
Pitivi Video editor, alternative to Kdenlive.
Natron Video compositor.
Cinelerra Video editor, superior to Kdenlive.
Synfig Studio Animation maker.
Tupi Animation maker, alternative to Synfig.
Enve Animation maker, alternative to Synfig.


Free Software Description
Unetbootin USB flash disk bootable maker, to write iso image to install operating system.
GParted Partition editor, to format and resize hard disk drive storage.
Synaptic Package manager, to add/remove programs into your computer.
KeePassXC Password manager, to save your login secrets safely.
PeaZip Archive manager, to create compressed archive files for easier sharing.
Able to protect archive files with passwords. PeaZip supports A-Z archive formats.
KDE Connect Phone and computer connector, to share files quickly between your devices.


Free Software Nonfree Software
Geany Code text editor, to write program in any language. Geany supports A-Z languages.
GCC GNU Compiler Collection, able to compile C and C++, part of GNU Operating System.
GDB GNU Debugger, to fix program errors.
Qt Complete software development solution. A complete replacement to Microsoft's Frameworks
such as Visual Basic and .Net Framework.
Creator Integrated development environment (IDE), part of Qt.
Designer Graphical user interface (GUI) designer, part of Qt.
Linguist Internationalization (i18n) editor, part of Qt.


Free Software Description
KiCAD Schematics design and PCB maker.
GEDA Electronics Design Automation, full suite including simulation.
LibrePCB Schematics design, PCB maker, alternative to KiCAD and GEDA.
NGSPICE World's most popular electronic simulator.

Operating System

Free Software Description
Kubuntu Free operating system, the excellent replacement to Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. Mass produced already as high performance laptops. Easy to learn, easy to teach. Proven as students' operating systems of Teknoplasma computer course.
Trisquel Free operating system, great for laptops perfect for PCs. Mass produced already as Lenovo ThinkPad based Respects Your Freedom laptops. Unlike Kubuntu, it is fully free software. It is the operating system for anyone ready to achieve software freedom after learning computing with Kubuntu.