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The Online Privacy Ultimate Guide

An ongoing guide

by LordRishav

Welcome to the Online Privacy Ultimate Guide. If you are on this page, either you searched for a privacy guide on a search engine, or got linked to this by a friend. If you don't know anything about why Online Privacy is important, read on.

Your online privacy is important. Nowadays, big tech corps and 3-letter government agencies have made the internet very less private. Everything you do online is being recorded, stored, and acted upon to make both your online and offline life miserable. Big corporations use your personal information to create a profile of you and shove ads down your throat on every website you visit. Government agencies create a profile of you so that if you did a crime mistakenly, they could link that profile of yours to your crime and give you a more sever punishment.

But why should I care? I don't mind seeing ads as long as they are providing me with their services. I don't care about government getting my profile. I am doing nothing wrong

That is where you're wrong. Even if you're just looking at memes, the big tech and government agencies are looking at you. Big tech can easily supply your information to the government agencies. If you give a thumbs up to a meme which shows that someone is dealing guns, government agencies can record that too, and use that information against you if you ever run into a crime case.

Also, aren't ads obtrusive? What if your mom, dad or your spouse looks at your device to check for something on the internet. They'll see gun ads, which came from you looking at gun memes.

Do you mean big tech and government agencies have a spy for each person on the planet? If no, then why would someone care about me? I am not a celebrity

No, the technology has so advanced in recent days, that big tech and agencies can create a profile of you with nothing but some small scripts running in your browser, or small files with a lovely name like cookies stored by nearly every site in your browser. The small scripts and cookies spare none, whether you're a celebrity or a poor unemployed person who somehow got their hands on a device.

Also, in the days of so many data breaches, from even big tech companies like Facebook, how can you be sure that the websites you visit will be able to keep your data secure? Maybe you give your account details to PayPal and the next day, the data center of PayPal is hacked and all your personal information becomes public domain?

This guide is categorized in a hierarchichal format. The / (root directory) here is Devices, which explains which device you should use to access the internet.