My personal site to host projects and blogs
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<h1 id="blog-posts">Blog Posts</h1>
<p>Here are some of my <em>personal</em> blog posts, where I rant about/praise stuff</p>
<h4 id="my-web-browser-setup"><a href="browsersetup.html">My Web Browser Setup</a></h4>
<h5 id="publishing-date-280721">Publishing Date: 28/07/21</h5>
<h4 id="the-new-design-is-here"><a href="newdesign.html">The New Design is Here!</a></h4>
<h5 id="publishing-date-120721">Publishing Date: 12/07/21</h5>
<h4 id="best-gnulinux-distros-for-your-grandma-and-you"><a href="gnu-grandma-and-you.html">Best GNU/Linux Distros for your grandma and you</a></h4>
<h5 id="publishing-date-050721">Publishing Date: 05/07/21</h5>
<h4 id="welcome-to-my-site"><a href="welcome.html">Welcome to my site</a></h4>
<h5 id="publishing-date-28062021">Publishing Date: 28/06/2021</h5>