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Copyright (c) 2020-2021 Thomas Kramer.
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<title>Join LibrEDA!</title>
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<h1><img src="img/libreda_logo_square.svg" height="40px" style="margin-bottom: -5px"/>Join the project!</h1>
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You like <b>code</b>?
Your heart beats for free and <b>open-source software</b> or hardware?
You are bored and need spare-time project?
You are motivated to dive into <b>chip design</b> software?
You have ambitions to <b>democratize</b> fundamental parts of our <b>silicon</b>-age society?
Here's your chance:
LibrEDA is <i>not</i> hiring, but there's a chance to get funding and mentoring for a team of four people for the duration of one year thanks to <a href="">NGI Pointer</a>.
The application deadline is on the <b>1st of April 2021</b> (no joke, promise!).
Yes, that's soon.
If you're interested in a joint application or just want to know more get in touch today!
<b>code at tkramer dot ch</b> (Thomas Kramer) <a href="./resources/">GPG Key</a></br>
Unfortunately, to qualify for the grant you also need to be a citizen of an 'eligible' country. If you live in Europe, that's probably fine.
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<a href="">Source Code</a>