Rust and LibrEDA bindings for the TritonRoute detail router.
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TritonRoute and TritonRoute-WXL bindings for LibrEDA

TritonRoute is an open-source VLSI detail router. TritonRoute-WXL is an improved version which includes a global routing engine. This crate provides bindings to use both routers within the LibrEDA framework. The router is used as an external binary. Communication happens over LEF, DEF and 'guide' files.

The TritonRoute binary must be built manually from source:

git clone --recursive
cd TritonRoute
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

The path to the TritonRoute binary must then be specified in the API of the bindings. In case of TritonRoute-WXL the two binary files POST9.dat and POWV9.dat must be copied to the current working directory. This files are necessary lookup-tables for flute, an algorithm used to compute rectilinear Steiner minimal trees. (POST = potential optimal steiner tree, POWV = potential optimal wirelength vector, 9 = exact pre-computation for trees with up to 9 nodes).