6 Roadmap
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0.2 Finishing the Refactor

  • Player refactor

    • Complete the new implementation of weapons and damage
    • Reimplement characters dying and respawning
  • Player Auth

    • Ability to create accounts and authenticate users through the Infrastructure Server
    • Ability to authenticate users with game servers via tokens
    • Basic UI for player auth in the game client
  • Merging the Character

    • Replace Player.tscn with Character.tscn in Main.gd
    • Make it possible to play existing DM with Character
  • Networking

    • Reimplement character state synchronisation using Scene Replication
    • Ensure no game-breaking bugs are present in the currently playable scope of the game

0.3 Control Points

  • Teams

    • Add basic UI to allow players to choose which team they want to play on
    • Restrict the choice if there's a too big of a difference in team numbers
    • Implement friendly fire - team mates cannot be damaged
    • Make the scoreboard display teams
  • Character spawning

    • Add configureable spawn locations that can be assigned to either team (for now, statically)
  • Objectives

    • Implement a basic control point that requires removing enemies from it's vicinity and 5 seconds of undisturbed presence to capture it
    • Teams score 1 point for each 5 seconds for each controlled point
    • First team to reach 50 points wins
  • Maps

    • Prepare the DM1-2 map for control points
      • Place 3 control points
      • Choose static spawnpoints for each team

0.4 Servers and Identities

  • Changing maps and servers

    • Game servers tracked on the InfraServer
    • Basic server browser UI in the client
    • Distinguish authenticated and unauthenticated players
    • Ability to load and unload maps when connecting/disconnecting from a game server
  • Player identity

    • Store player profile on InfraServer, update when connected, download when logged in and profile is not present
    • Display player name, color, face and badge in game
    • Display all badges in the scoreboard, show details on mouse hover






1.0 Alpha

1.0 Beta