A Libre Multiplayer FPS Game built with Godot 4 engine and a fully open-source toolchain https://libla.st
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# Tracks the player input so it can be replicated to the server.
extends Node
# Holds the action state as paresed/received from the player
# We can use a setter to do further validation (e.g. clamping real values).
enum Action {LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, MAX}
var state : Array[bool] = []
# We can further use this node to send RPCs as authority (or do it in a separate node)
enum Ward {HEALING_WARD}
signal ward_placed(ward_type: int)
func _init():
func _enter_tree():
# Ensure the state is only visibile to the server (not replicated to other clients).
# When needed, a subset of the state can be replicated via a different synchronizer.
$InputSync.public_visibility = false
$InputSync.set_visibility_for(1, true)
# Called during spawn, to set the proper authority for this node, and the synchronizer.
func set_player(p_id: int):
# Only gather input if we are the authority
func _process(delta):
if not multiplayer.has_multiplayer_peer() or not is_multiplayer_authority():
state[Action.LEFT] = Input.is_action_pressed(&"ui_left")
state[Action.RIGHT] = Input.is_action_pressed(&"ui_right")
state[Action.UP] = Input.is_action_pressed(&"ui_up")
state[Action.DOWN] = Input.is_action_pressed(&"ui_down")
if Input.is_action_just_pressed(&"ui_cancel"):
# Meh, Godot should allow calling RPCs on self.
if multiplayer.is_server():
place_ward.rpc_id(1, Ward.HEALING_WARD)
# Will be called when a user asks to place a ward.
func place_ward(ward_type: int):
# This is called to apply the input, normally by the server (but could be expandend
# to do prediction in the client.
func apply(node, delta):
if state[Action.LEFT]:
node.translate(Vector3.LEFT * delta * 4)
elif state[Action.RIGHT]:
node.translate(Vector3.RIGHT * delta * 4)
elif state[Action.UP]:
node.translate(Vector3.FORWARD * delta * 4)
elif state[Action.DOWN]:
node.translate(Vector3.BACK * delta * 4)