A Libre Multiplayer FPS Game built with Godot 4 engine and a fully open-source toolchain https://libla.st
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= Contribution Guide
== Introduction
Looks like you want to lend a helping hand? Great, feel welcome to read the following sections in
order to know how to ask questions and see what you can work on!
By following the guidelines detailed below, you are respecting the time of the developers working
on this project and in turn the developers will show that respect again in addressing your issue,
assessing changes, and helping you finalize your pull requests.
== Who are we looking for
=== Right now
* **GDScript programmers** (there's a lot of coding work ahead of us before the other aspects will have a place to grow)
=== In a longer perspective:
* An art lead (help us create a unique and memorable aesthetic for the game!)
* Concept artists (help us come up with awesome character, weapon, and environment designs!)
* Playtesters (help us make sure the game is fun!)
* Blender 3D artists (help us make the 3D world of the game!)
* Level designers (helps us create awesome places to fight in!)
* Material Maker artists (help us create awesome PBR materials and VFX!)
* Writers (help us develop the lore of the game and make sure the world is consistent!)
* Voice actors (help us make the characters unforgettable and lovable!)
Even if you don't have much experience, but you are dedicated to learn the art of game development and want to make something awesome together - get in touch!
=== Contact us:
* https://mastodon.social/@unfa or `unfa00 at gmail dot com` (unfa - project lead)
* https://chat.unfa.xyz/channel/liblast (public chat, also used internally by the team)
== How to report bugs in the game?
Bugs can be reported in the issue tracker:
Start with a short and descriptive title.
Add a summary of the issue and the OS environment in which it occurs. If suitable,
please include the steps required to reproduce the bug.
1. Step one;
2. Step two;
3. Step three - bug!
Anything else? Lines of code that you have identified as
causing the bug, and potential solutions (and your opinions on their merits).
If possible, please include a log that could help identify and resolve the problem.
== What if I want to add to the game?
Before making an awesome suggestion check the https://codeberg.org/unfa/Liblast/wiki/Project-Roadmap[project's roadmap]
and https://codeberg.org/Liblast/Liblast/issues?q=&state=open&labels=32521[open enhancement issues] before making the request because
it might already be planned, or have already been considered and found unfit for the project.
Keep in mind the vision of the project and it's https://codeberg.org/Liblast/Liblast/wiki/Story-&-Lore-%5BSPOLIERS%5D[lore] when writing the feature
request, other than that, be extensive in detailing the feature and why it fits
the game!
== Not sure on how to use Git to contribute?
Check these tutorials https://makeapullrequest.com/[How to Make a Pull Request]
and https://www.firsttimersonly.com/[First Timers Only].
Thank you for your interest in Liblast!