Build and deploy user-facing frontend (gitea)

Updated 11 hours ago

A web browser extension that emulates Content Delivery Networks to improve your online privacy. It intercepts traffic, finds supported resources locally, and injects them into the environment.

Updated 19 hours ago

German Corona App without proprietary Google libraries

Updated 2 weeks ago

MoeNavigatorEngine is a web browser engine written from scratch in C++. The goal of this project is to create a modular, fast and flexible web browser engine.

Updated 3 weeks ago

alternative Reddit front-end focused on privacy

Updated 1 month ago

Ancient Greece Multiplayer Online RPG

Updated 2 months ago

User interface of the distributed exchange DIVA. See

Updated 3 months ago

This fork is unofficial unless community decides otherwise. C&D letters will be ignored :)

Updated 8 months ago

Ein Offline-DSGVO-Beschwerdegenerator gegen Tracking-Einbettungen

Updated 11 months ago

Updated 2 years ago

A WebExtension to redirect ALL YouTube and Twitter requests to their alternative interfaces.

Updated 2 years ago