Universal Blood Pressure Manager: manage your blood pressure data on windows/linux/macos, view & print as chart/table/statistics, analyze via sql queries, and much more...
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UBPM - Universal Blood Pressure Manager


Tired of original software supplied by the manufacturer of your blood pressure monitor because it's only available for Windows and requires an internet connection for uploading your private health data into the cloud? Then try UBPM for free and use it on Windows, Linux and MacOS!

The current version supports the following features:

  • import data from manual input, file (csv, json, xml, sql) or directly from supported blood pressure monitors
  • export data to csv, json, xml or sql format
  • view and print data as chart, table or statistics
  • analyze data via sql queries
  • plugin interface for blood pressure monitors with computer interface
  • online updater
  • context sensitive help via F1 key
  • style gui via css files
  • multi language (English and German)
  • cross platform (same look & feel on Windows, Linux, MacOS)

Supported blood pressure monitors

Manufacturer Model Description Interface
OMRON Corporation HEM-7322U M6 Comfort IT, M500 IT USB
OMRON Corporation HEM-7131U M3 IT, M400 IT USB

Please help to add more devices!


Main window with some records...

Chart View Table View Stats View

Print records for your doctor...

Chart Print Table Print Stats Print

Add manual record(s)...


Import from supported device...


Analyze records via sql queries...


Configure your preferred settings...


Press F1 to get help for the current context...



Download the latest version for your operating system. All 3 files (exe, dmg, AppImage) contain everything to run UBPM on the target platform without installing anything.

This is an 7zip self extracting archive. It will be automatically extracted to "%temp%\7zxxxxxxxx" and after that the "ubpm.exe" is started. You can copy this directory or extract the file with 7z if you want the content.

IMPORTANT NOTE: some virus scanners classify UBPM as malicious! This is due to the use of 7zsfx. If you don't trust me unzip the exe and scan that directory, no warnings should appear for UBPM itself.

This is an Apple disc image. You can mount and run or copy the application.

This is an AppImage package. Don't forget to "chmod +x *.AppImage" after download and execute. You can use the parameter "--appimage-extract" if you want the content.

For better system integration it's recommended to install AppImageD or AppImageLauncher.

Build from Source

Download the latest Qt Online Installer and install Qt 5.15.x, Qt Charts and OpenSSL binaries first.

  • Checkout the source code via git (or download and extract the zip)

      git clone https://codeberg.org/lazyt/ubpm
  • Change into the ubpm sources directory and generate the Makefile

      cd ubpm/sources && qmake
  • Compile the source code

  • Optional build a release package

      make install


UBPM is based on

Thanks for this great software! 👍