An awesome list of resources for people excited to learn about computer science!
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Awesome CS

An awesome list of resources for people excited to learn about computer science!

Don't forget to contribute with the cool things that you find! (If you don't have a Codeberg account, use this Google Doc to contribute)

Bold items are highly recommended!


Development tools

  • Replit Great online editor for many programming languages
  • exozyme Programming community and computing resources
  • Gitpod Online IDE that gives you a Linux container where YOU ARE ROOT. ❤️
  • Visual Studio Code Awesome IDE for many languages (free, works everywhere, highly customizable) (also VSCodium)
  • Neovim Emacs? More like Ewmacs
  • Spacemacs Emacs? More like vim(acs) with a good theme. Also, it's really good
  • Kate Super fast and powerful editor that just works™


Game Design

  • Scratch Graphical programming language
  • Godot Engine Easy-to-use 2D and 3D game engine where you write "real" code!
  • Pygame Python game engine
  • YouTube: Career advice, live streamed game-jams (aka speedrun making games in 1-4 days)
  • Minetest A highly hackable and moddable voxel game engine

Web Development



  • Django Python web framework
  • Express Node.js web application framework



Reverse Engineering



Competitive Programming

Computer Graphics

Machine Learning

Software Engineering

Git, GitHub, and Gitea



Other Good Stuff

Things every programmer should know

Recommendation: you should be able to at least define every term below.

  • Theory
    • Boolean logic
    • Binary
    • KB, MB, GB
    • Public-key cryptography
  • Hardware
    • ISA
      • x86_64
      • ARM
    • CPU
    • GPU
    • RAM
    • Storage
      • SSD
      • HDD
  • Software
    • Operating systems
      • Linux
    • Shells
      • Bash
    • Virtualization
      • Virtual machines
      • Containers
    • Programming languagues
      • Machine languague and binaries
      • Assembly
      • C
      • Python
      • Functional programming
    • Version control
      • Git
      • Code-hosting platforms
    • Markdown
    • Databases
      • SQL
  • Networks
    • IP
      • IPv4
      • NAT
      • IPv6
    • TCP
      • HTTP
        • HTML
        • CSS
        • JavaScript
      • SSH
    • UDP
    • Ports
    • Firewalls
    • Routers
    • Server-client model
    • Peer-to-peer model
    • Blockchain
    • VPNs


Interesting terminal commands

Interesting Python stuff

  • from future import braces
  • import antigravity
  • hash(float('inf'))
  • import hello
  • import this

DANGEROUS terminal commands (in increasing order of nastiness)

  • sudo dd if=/dev/random of=/proc/sysrq-trigger
  • . .*y
  • echo "source .bashrc" >> .bashrc
  • sudo rm -rf $DIRECTROY/*
  • :(){ :|:& };: