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This file contains ambiguous Unicode characters that may be confused with others in your current locale. If your use case is intentional and legitimate, you can safely ignore this warning. Use the Escape button to highlight these characters. Link
type.article: Article Photo Video
type.smart_contract: Smart contract
type.magazine: Magazine
thread: Thread
threads: Threads
microblog: Microblog
people: People
events: Events
magazine: Magazine
magazines: Magazines
search: Search
add: Add
select_channel: Select a channel
login: Log in
top: Top
hot: Hot
active: Active
newest: Newest
oldest: Oldest
commented: Commented
change_view: Change view
filter_by_time: Filter by time
filter_by_type: Filter by type
comments_count: '{0}comments|{1}comment|]1,Inf[ comments'
favourites: Favourites
favourite: Favourite
more: More
avatar: Avatar
added: Added
views: Views
up_votes: Boosts
down_votes: Reduces
no_comments: No comments
created_at: Created
owner: Owner
subscribers: Subscribers
online: Online
comments: Comments
posts: Posts
replies: Replies
moderators: Moderators
mod_log: Moderation log
add_comment: Add comment
add_post: Add post
add_media: Add media
markdown_howto: How does the editor work?
enter_your_comment: Enter your comment
enter_your_post: Enter your post
activity: Activity
cover: Cover
related_posts: Related posts
random_posts: Random posts
federated_magazine_info: The magazine from the federated server may be incomplete.
federated_user_info: The profile from the federated server may be incomplete.
go_to_original_instance: Browse more on the original instance.
empty: Empty
subscribe: Subscribe
unsubscribe: Unsubscribe
follow: Follow
unfollow: Unfollow
reply: Reply
login_or_email: Login or email
password: Password
remember_me: Remember me
dont_have_account: Don't have an account?
you_cant_login: You can't login?
already_have_account: Already have an account?
register: Register
reset_password: Reset password
show_more: Show more
to: to
in: in
username: Username
email: Email
repeat_password: Repeat password
agree_terms: Consent to %terms_link_start%Terms and Conditions%terms_link_end% and
%policy_link_start%Privacy Policy%policy_link_end%
terms: Terms of service
privacy_policy: Privacy policy
about_instance: About
all_magazines: All magazines
stats: Statistics
fediverse: Fediverse
awards: Awards
ranking: Ranking
create_new_magazine: Create new magazine
add_new_article: Add new article
add_new_link: Add new link
add_new_photo: Add new photo
add_new_post: Add new post
add_new_video: Add new video
contact: Contact
faq: FAQ
rss: RSS
change_theme: Change theme
useful: Useful
help: Help
check_email: Check your email
reset_check_email_desc: If an account matching your email exists, then an email was
just sent that contains a link that you can use to reset your password. This link
will expire in %expire%.
reset_check_email_desc2: If you don't receive an email please check your spam folder.
try_again: Try again
up_vote: Boost
down_vote: Reduce
email_confirm_header: Hello! Confirm your email address.
email_confirm_content: 'If you want to activate your account click on the link below:'
email_verify: Confirm email address
email_confirm_expire: The link will expire in 1 hour.
email_confirm_title: Confirm your email address.
select_magazine: Select a magazine
add_new: Add new
url: URL
title: Title
body: Body
tags: Tags
badges: Badges
is_adult: +18 / NSFW
eng: ENG
oc: OC
image: Image
image_alt: Image alternative text
name: Name
description: Description
rules: Rules
domain: Domain
followers: Followers
following: Following
subscriptions: Subscriptions
overview: Overview
cards: Cards
columns: Columns
user: User
joined: Joined
moderated: Moderated
ratio: Ratio
people_local: Local
people_federated: Federated
reputation_points: Reputation points
related_tags: Related tags
go_to_content: Go to content
go_to_filters: Go to filters
go_to_search: Go to search
go_to_footer: Go to footer
subscribed: Subscribed
all: All
logout: Log out
classic_view: Classic view
compact_view: Compact view
chat_view: Chat view
tree_view: Tree view
table_view: Table view
cards_view: Cards view
3h: 3h
6h: 6h
12h: 12h
1d: 1d
1w: 1t
1m: 1m
1y: 1y
links: Links
articles: Articles
photos: Photos
videos: Videos
report: Report
share: Share
copy_url: Copy url
copy_url_to_fediverse: Copy url to Fediverse
share_on_fediverse: Share on Fediverse
edit: Edit
are_you_sure: Are you sure?
moderate: Moderate
reason: Reason
edit_link: Edit link
edit_article: Edit article
edit_photo: Edit photo
delete: Delete
edit_post: Edit post
edit_comment: Edit comment
settings: Settings
general: General
profile: Profile
blocked: Blocked
reports: Reports
notifications: Notifications
messages: Messages
appearance: Appearance
homepage: Homepage
hide_adult: Hide adult content
featured_magazines: Featured magazines
privacy: Privacy
show_profile_subscriptions: Show magazine subscriptions
show_profile_followings: Show following users
notify_on_new_entry_reply: Notify me of comments in my threads
notify_on_new_entry_comment_reply: Notify me of replies to my threads comments
notify_on_new_post_reply: Notify me of replies in my posts
notify_on_new_post_comment_reply: Notify me of replies to my posts comments
notify_on_new_entry: Notify me of new threads in a subscribed magazine
notify_on_new_posts: Notify me of new posts in a subscribed magazine
save: Save
about: About
old_email: Old email
new_email: New email
new_email_repeat: Confirm new email
current_password: Current password
new_password: New password
new_password_repeat: Confirm new password
change_email: Change email
change_password: Change password
expand: Expand
collapse: Collapse
domains: Domains
error: Error
votes: Votes
theme: Theme
dark: Dark
light: Light
solarized_light: Solarized light
solarized_dark: Solarized dark
font_size: Font size
size: Size
boosts: Boosts
show_users_avatars: 'Show users avatars'
yes: Yes
no: No
show_magazines_icons: 'Show magazines icons'
show_thumbnails: Show thumbnails
rounded_edges: Rounded edges
removed_thread_by: has removed thread by
restored_thread_by: has restored thread by
removed_comment_by: has removed comment by
restored_comment_by: has restored comment by
removed_post_by: has removed post by
restored_post_by: has restored post by
he_banned: ban
he_unbanned: unban
read_all: Read all
show_all: Show all
ranking_disabled: Ranking is disabled
flash_register_success: Your account has been registered. Check your email, we have
sent an email with an activation link.
flash_thread_new_success: The thread has been created correctly and is now visible
to other users.
flash_thread_edit_success: The thread has been correctly edited.
flash_thread_delete_success: The thread has been correctly deleted.
flash_thread_pin_success: The thread has been correctly pinned.
flash_thread_unpin_success: The thread has been correctly unpinned.
flash_magazine_new_success: The magazine has been created correctly. You can now add
new content or explore the magazines administration panel.
flash_magazine_edit_success: The magazine has been correctly edited.
too_many_requests: Limit exceeded, please try again later.
set_magazines_bar: Magazines bar
set_magazines_bar_desc: add the magazine names after the comma
set_magazines_bar_empty_desc: if the field is empty, active magazines are displayed
on the bar.
gold: Gold
silver: Silver
bronze: Bronze
bronze_autobiographer: Autobiographer
bronze_autobiographer_desc: For completing all fields in the profile
bronze_personality: Bronze personality
bronze_personality_desc: 20 followers
bronze_commentator: Bronze commentator
bronze_commentator_desc: 10 good comments
bronze_scout: Bronze scout
bronze_scout_desc: 10 good links
bronze_redactor: Bronze redactor
bronze_redactor_desc: 10 good articles
bronze_poster: Bronze poster
bronze_poster_desc: 10 good posts
bronze_link: Good link
bronze_link_desc: The post has been boosted 5 times
bronze_article: Bronze article
bronze_article_desc: The article has been boosted 5 times
bronze_photo: Good photo
bronze_photo_desc: The photo has been boosted 5 times
bronze_comment: Good comment
bronze_comment_desc: The comment has been boosted 5 times
bronze_post: Good post
bronze_post_desc: The post has been boosted 5 times
bronze_ranking: Number 3
bronze_ranking_desc: 3rd place in the ranking
bronze_popular_entry: Popular Thread
bronze_popular_entry_desc: Thread visited 1000 times
bronze_magazine: Famous magazine
bronze_magazine_desc: 20 followers created magazine
silver_personality: Silver personality
silver_personality_desc: 50 followers
silver_commentator: Silver commentator
silver_commentator_desc: 10 very good comments
silver_scout: Silver scout
silver_scout_desc: 10 very good links
silver_redactor: Silver redactor
silver_redactor_desc: 10 very good articles
silver_poster: Silver poster
silver_poster_desc: 10 very good posts
silver_link: Very good link
silver_link_desc: The post has been boosted 10 times
silver_article: Silver article
silver_article_desc: The article has been boosted 10 times
silver_photo: Very good photo
silver_photo_desc: The photo has been boosted 10 times
silver_comment: Very good comment
silver_comment_desc: The comment has been boosted 10 times
silver_post: Very good post
silver_post_desc: The post has been boosted 10 times
silver_ranking: Number 2
silver_ranking_desc: 2nd place in the ranking
silver_popular_entry: Popular Thread
silver_popular_entry_desc: Thread visited 5000 times
silver_magazine: Popular magazine
silver_magazine_desc: 50 followers created magazine
silver_entry_week: Thread of the week
silver_entry_week_desc: The best thread of the week
silver_comment_week: Comment of the week
silver_comment_week_desc: The best comment of the week
silver_post_week: Post of the week
silver_post_week_desc: The best post of the week
gold_personality: Gold personality
gold_personality_desc: 100 followers
gold_commentator: Gold commentator
gold_commentator_desc: 10 excellent comments
gold_scout: Gold scout
gold_scout_desc: 10 excellent links
gold_redactor: Gold redactor
gold_redactor_desc: 10 excellent articles
gold_poster: Gold poster
gold_poster_desc: 10 excellent posts
gold_link: Excellent link
gold_link_desc: The post has been boosted 15 times
gold_article: Gold article
gold_article_desc: The article has been boosted 15 times
gold_photo: Excellent photo
gold_photo_desc: The photo has been boosted 15 times
gold_comment: Excellent comment
gold_comment_desc: The comment has been boosted 15 times
gold_post: Excellent post
gold_post_desc: The post has been boosted 15 times
gold_ranking: Number 1
gold_ranking_desc: 1st place in the ranking
gold_popular_entry: Popular Thread
gold_popular_entry_desc: Thread visited 10000 times
gold_magazine: Popular magazine
gold_magazine_desc: 100 followers created magazine
gold_entry_month: Thread of the month
gold_entry_month_desc: The best thread of the month
gold_comment_month: Comment of the month
gold_comment_month_desc: The best comment of the month
gold_post_month: Post of the month
gold_post_month_desc: The best post of the month
mod_log_alert: In Modlog you may find drastic content removed by moderators. Make
sure you know what you are doing.
added_new_thread: Added a new thread
edited_thread: Edited a thread
mod_remove_your_thread: A moderator removed your thread
added_new_comment: Added a new comment
edited_comment: Edited a comment
replied_to_your_comment: Replied to your comment
mod_deleted_your_comment: A moderator deleted your comment
added_new_post: Added a new post
edited_post: Adited a post
mod_remove_your_post: A moderator removed your post
added_new_reply: Added a new reply
wrote_message: Wrote a message
banned: Banned you
removed: Removed by mod
deleted: Deleted by author
mentioned_you: Mentioned you
comment: Comment
post: Post
ban_expired: Ban expired
purge: Purge
send_message: Send message
message: Message
infinite_scroll: Infinite scroll
show_top_bar: Show top bar
sticky_navbar: Sticky navbar
subject_reported: Content has been reported.
sidebar_position: Sidebar position
left: Left
right: Right
federation: Federation
status: Status
on: On
off: Off
instances: Instances
upload_file: Upload file
from_url: From url
magazine_panel: Magazine panel
reject: Reject
approve: Approve
ban: Ban
filters: Filters
approved: Approved
rejected: Rejected
add_moderator: Add moderator
add_badge: Add badge
bans: Bans
created: Created
expires: Expires
perm: Perm
expired_at: Expired at
add_ban: Add ban
trash: Trash
icon: Icon
done: Done
pin: Pin
unpin: Unpin
change_magazine: Change magazine
change_language: Change language
change: Change
pinned: Pinned
preview: Preview
article: Article
reputation: Reputation
note: Note
writing: Writing
users: Users
content: Content
week: Week
weeks: Weeks
month: Month
months: Months
year: Year
federated: Federated
local: Local
admin_panel: Admin panel
dashboard: Dashboard
contact_email: Contact email
meta: Meta
instance: Instance
pages: Pages
inactive: Innactive
type_search_term: Type search term
federation_enabled: Federation enabled
registrations_enabled: Registrations enabled
registration_disabled: Registration disabled
restore: Restore
add_mentions_entries: Add mention tags in entries
add_mentions_posts: Add mention tags in posts
Password is invalid: Password is invalid.
Your account is not active: Your account is not active.
Your account has been banned: Your account has been banned.
firstname: Firstname
send: Send
active_users: Active people
random_entries: Random threads
related_entries: Related threads
delete_account: Delete account
purge_account: Purge account
ban_account: Ban account
unban_account: Unban account
delete_account_request_send: Your request to delete the account has been submitted.
related_magazines: Related magazines
random_magazines: Random magazines
magazine_panel_tags_info: Provide only if you want content from the fediverse to be
included in this magazine based on tags
sidebar: Sidebar
auto_preview: Auto media preview
dynamic_lists: Dynamic lists
banned_instances: Banned instances
kbin_intro_title: Explore Fediverse
kbin_intro_desc: it's a decentralized platform for content aggregation and microblogging
that operates within the Fediverse network.
kbin_promo_title: Create your own instance
kbin_promo_desc: '%link_start%Clone repo%link_end% and develop fediverse'
captcha_enabled: Captcha enabled
header_logo: Header logo
browsing_one_thread: You are only browsing one thread in the discussion! All comments
are available on the post page.
return: Return