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Ernest Wiśniewski f47792865e
Magazine panel trash, theme, general
1 week ago
.gitignore Initial commit 2 years ago
Version20210527210529.php Badges magazine panel, magazine icon refactor 1 week ago
Version20210830133327.php Cardano tips init 1 year ago
Version20211016124104.php Cardano tips init 1 year ago
Version20211107140830.php Cardano tips init 1 year ago
Version20211113102713.php Cardano tips init 1 year ago
Version20211117170048.php Migrations cpi 1 year ago
Version20211121182824.php Cardano cron docker 1 year ago
Version20211205133802.php Purge subjects doctrine fix, update dependencies 1 year ago
Version20211220092653.php Revert php 8.1, migrations 1 year ago
Version20211231174542.php Profile user settings migrations 1 year ago
Version20220116141404.php Entries images right pos 1 year ago
Version20220123173726.php Media entries, oc content, mark language 1 year ago
Version20220125212007.php Entries tags migrations 1 year ago
Version20220131190012.php Adult content settings 1 year ago
Version20220204202829.php Domains sub and block 1 year ago
Version20220206143129.php User note, user popup 1 year ago
Version20220208192443.php Update dependencies, fav migrations 1 year ago
Version20220216211707.php Missing migration 1 year ago
Version20220218220935.php Terms, privacy policy init 1 year ago
Version20220306181222.php oAuth social login fb, github, google 1 year ago
Version20220308201003.php Settings - featured magazines bar migrtions 1 year ago
Version20220320191810.php Awards init 1 year ago
Version20220404185534.php Docker migrations fix, some entry list view fixes 7 months ago
Version20220407171552.php Content popup init 12 months ago
Version20220408100230.php EditedAt migration diff 12 months ago
Version20220411203149.php Reset password migrations 12 months ago
Version20220421082111.php Default magazine icon migration 12 months ago
Version20220621144628.php Migrations, readme edit 9 months ago
Version20220705184724.php Mentions migrations 9 months ago
Version20220716120139.php ApActivity 9 months ago
Version20220716142146.php Inbox, outbox entities, docker fix 9 months ago
Version20220717101149.php Actor keys migratiomns 9 months ago
Version20220723095813.php Turbo mode for non logged users 8 months ago
Version20220723182602.php Eternal link embed cache 8 months ago
Version20220801085018.php Activitypub signature init 8 months ago
Version20220808150935.php Posts import init 8 months ago
Version20220903070858.php User profile additional fields, fix docker phpunit, update dependencies 7 months ago
Version20220911120737.php Remote profile summary udate, commands update, editor fix 7 months ago
Version20220917102655.php Navbar sections, FollowRequest init 7 months ago
Version20220918140533.php Migrations fix 7 months ago
Version20220924182955.php Migrations fix 6 months ago
Version20221015120344.php Images blurhash 6 months ago
Version20221030095047.php Last user activity 5 months ago
Version20221108164813.php Ap ids unique 5 months ago
Version20221109161753.php Assign magazine by tag - ap posts 5 months ago
Version20221116150037.php Change default user settings 5 months ago
Version20221121125723.php Group announce 4 months ago
Version20221124162526.php Posts cache fix, modlog fix 4 months ago
Version20221128212959.php Dark theme default after register 4 months ago
Version20221202114605.php Tags cols update 4 months ago
Version20221202134944.php Update repos to jsonb query tags 4 months ago
Version20221202140020.php Update repos to jsonb query tags 4 months ago
Version20221214153611.php Entity attributes 4 months ago
Version20221222124812.php ActivityPub outbox groups 3 months ago
Version20221229160511.php Migrations fix 3 months ago
Version20221229162448.php Admin panel settings section 3 months ago
Version20230125123959.php Add root post comment 2 months ago
Version20230306134010.php Pagination init 4 weeks ago
Version20230314134010.php Awards init 3 weeks ago
Version20230323160934.php Comments language, nsfw content 1 week ago
Version20230323170745.php Comments language, nsfw content 1 week ago
Version20230325084833.php Badges magazine panel, magazine icon refactor 1 week ago
Version20230325101955.php Magazine panel trash, theme, general 1 week ago